Saturday, November 18, 2023



Italy's Mr Bison are putting the finishing touches on a new album, due to be released February 10th.
This pre-released track starts off with a Motorpsycho kind of feel.

Honest to God, just a couple of days before I got the notification about this album, Mr Bison's "Sacred Deal" came up on my shuffle in the car and I thought to myself how great the band is, and how they should be due for another album.

Really looking forward to this one; I've got almost every single tune in my Mr Bison library marked as a favorite; they are very talented and versatile musicians and songwriters.

They are:

Matteo Barsacchi: Guitar/Bass/Synth
Matteo Sciocchetto: Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Lorenzo Salvadori: Drums
Davide Salvadori: Acoustic Guitar/Synth/Hammond/Mellotron/Bass

Looking for something else?

Last weekend I posted my Stoner Rock #10 playlist, which had previously resided on Playmoss, on Youtube.
Since then, it's gotten some good traffic and positive comments.  Check it out if you'd like to indulge in some classic underground stoner rock.

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