Saturday, December 2, 2023

Hidden Gem

From Medford, Massachusetts::

Check this out.  Who knew this was lurking in a neighborhood near me?
Do we call Doom with horns "Horny Doom"?
Regardless of whether or not there's a phrase that fits this band, I'm confident it's like nothing you've heard.

Here's my second early favorite:

As stated, Eight Foot Manchild are from Medord, MA
They are:
Dylan Foley: Guitar, vocals
Sara Honeywell: Trombone, vocals
Mr Squirrel: Baritone sax
Alison Earnhart: Tuba
Steve Kosinski: Drums

You can find this EP on Bandcamp here

Saturday, November 18, 2023



Italy's Mr Bison are putting the finishing touches on a new album, due to be released February 10th.
This pre-released track starts off with a Motorpsycho kind of feel.

Honest to God, just a couple of days before I got the notification about this album, Mr Bison's "Sacred Deal" came up on my shuffle in the car and I thought to myself how great the band is, and how they should be due for another album.

Really looking forward to this one; I've got almost every single tune in my Mr Bison library marked as a favorite; they are very talented and versatile musicians and songwriters.

They are:

Matteo Barsacchi: Guitar/Bass/Synth
Matteo Sciocchetto: Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Lorenzo Salvadori: Drums
Davide Salvadori: Acoustic Guitar/Synth/Hammond/Mellotron/Bass

Looking for something else?

Last weekend I posted my Stoner Rock #10 playlist, which had previously resided on Playmoss, on Youtube.
Since then, it's gotten some good traffic and positive comments.  Check it out if you'd like to indulge in some classic underground stoner rock.

Friday, November 10, 2023


First, Kansas City's Merlin with their take on the groovy Feature Presentation music us older folks used to hear played in movie theaters: 

Next, Los Angeles' Vitskär Süden with their reimagining of Michael Jackson's Thriller.  Apparently this first started when vocalist/bass player Martin started playing this and the others just joined in, not realizing what song it was.

You can find both of these as "Name Your Price" on Bandcamp here and here

Friday, October 27, 2023

Released Wednesday...


Apparently this is the band's 10th anniversary, yet I'm just finding them today thanks to several people I follow on Bandcamp paying money for a 'name your price' album.  (you won't show up as "supported by" and create notifications to followers if you download the album for free)

At quite a few points in this song, the singer Shohey Suyama sounds just like David Coverdale.  

And the songwriting and musicianship are a 10 out of 10.  

that was track 1, this is track 2...

Has there ever been something free that was this good?

Find the rest of this album here.

Bahboon are from Tokyo.

They are:

Shohey Suyama: Vocals, Guitar
Masaki Takai: Guitar
Yasuhiro Shimizu: Bass
Jun Saito: Drums

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Out Yesterday..


Blood Lightning is:

vocalist Jim Healey (We’re All Gonna Die)

guitarist Doug Sherman (GOZU)

bassist Bob Maloney (Worshipper)

drummer J.R. Roach (Sam Black Church)

There are 5 original tunes in addition to this highly worthy cover of one of the sickest and most underappreciated Sabbath tunes ever.

Check out the album here.

Friday, October 13, 2023

Out Today..




I have been anxiously awaiting this album, and on first listen I am thrilled with my choice to pre-order the physical CD.  I don't know if I am just growing fonder of Goat or if they are getting more in sync with what I like, but the result is the same: another must-have album from a really unique and talented rock band.  I am loving the whole album, but here are two videos.

Want to know what it was like to be doing acid at Woodstock?  I think you'll come close if you turn up the volume, go full-screen and immerse yourself in this song and its included visuals.  This is a shortened version of "Join The Resistance"

And to stick with the tripping theme, here is "Tripping In The Graveyard".  Absolutely beautiful:

Goat manages to be more secretive about their identities than KISS in the 70's, but they are elite musicians and throwbacks to a time when psychedelic rock was a key component to a fulfilling type of escape from day-to-day reality.

Finally, an oldie: I've posted this tune before, but never this video.  A shortened version of "Let It Burn", a 2018 release, and the first Goat tune I ever purchased.  Since then I've been frequently surprised and never disappointed by each and every release since.

You can find "Medicine" on Bandcamp, along with Goat's other albums, all worth your time.

A "bucket list" item for me is to see Goat live someday.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Sunday, October 8, 2023


New Kadabra

Kadabra's Bean King was one of my top 10 favorite tunes in 2021, and now they're back with another full length release.  I'm still getting to know this album, but here's a video for one of my early favorites.

I'll be listening to this during the week and you may hear more from me about this album. 

Kadabra are from Spokane, Washington.  

They are (L-R):

Ian Nelson: Bass
Garrett Zanol: Guitar & Vocals
Chase Howard: Drums

Until next time!