Friday, September 30, 2022


I recently told you how excited I was to have a new release from Mammoth Volume.  After purchasing it, I noticed a link on their bandcamp page to a band called "Cavem3n."

It turns out that ten years after Mammoth Volume's first album, drummer and songwriter Nicklas Andersson co-founded another band which has been recording music ever since.  Of course I was curious, and then pleased to find out that Nicklas was indeed a huge factor in the heavier side of Mammoth Volume's unique sound and style of songwriting.

"A Prehistoric Anthology" is a collection of assorted EPs and singles recorded between 2013 and 2016.  Lots of great music and unique ideas here.  Let's start with the opening track; it starts off with a Rage Against the Machine feel, but soon becomes its own entity:

Track 1 hooks you with its heaviness, and track 2 reels you in by showing you that each tune is going to offer something different. 
What a cool synthesis of different rock styles this is:

So many Swedish stoner rock bands have broadened my musical horizons over the years, and there are apparently many more for me to discover.

You can bet I will be checking out Cavem3n's more recent work next.

There are 3 different drum players listed here, but it seems clear to me that Niklas has been involved in all of these tunes.  Correct me if so.

Bonny Koskela Andersson – Guitars, Vocals
Rickard Maisa – Bass
Nicklas Andersson – Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Anders “Pompe” Jacobsson – Drums
Daniel Lundgren – Drums

Thank you for reading and listening.  Sharing music is my hobby and my joy.

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