Thursday, February 11, 2016

EP Review - Yidhra's Cult of Bathory

Cult of Bathory

I'll try to put the origin of the word Yidhra in simplest terms. It is tentacled goddess derived from HP Lovecraft's Cthulu Mythos. It's a fine name for a band that branches out in various strange and exquisite directions.
The Cult of Bathory EP is a breath of fresh air in a dank, stoner environment littered with sabbathy retreads. Lead by a vocalist who's tone reminds me of a cross between Pepper Keenan and a lo fi Danzig, Yidhra really mix up rhythm and timing to lay down some catchy stoner doom jams. First off, I love how the drums are really layered thick in the mix so that you can clearly hear all of the fine nuiances. The songwriting is strong and the occult themes of each track are genuinely enhanced by high quality musicianship. The warm fuzzy riffs, well timed percussion and the subtle bass textures all add up to a band who are serious about their witchcraft.
To check out the EP for yourself: Click here!

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