Friday, July 28, 2017

Here are a few we haven't discussed:

YOUNGBLOOD SUPERCULT: "The Great American Death Rattle"
I really enjoyed their 2016 release, "High Plains" (mentioned here).  The singer David Merrill, reminds me of Craig Riggs of Boston's own Roadsaw.  This tune is fairly representative of what this album has to offer; it's the closing track, entitled "Sticky Fingers."

DUEL: "Witchbanger"
Duel's last album made my top ten list for 2016.  It got a LOT of listens and continues to get regular play from me.  Witchbanger seems to be better-recorded, and definitely shows effort by the band to maintain familiarity while branching out a bit.  Sounds like a can't miss album, yet for some reason I am not addicted to this album like I was to its predecessor.  Still a quality hard-rock/stoner release.  This is my favorite track here, "Heart Of The Sun":

HAZY SEA: "Astrolabe"
Astrolabe is the second full-length release in 2017 for this band from Athens, which plays instrumental stoner/hard rock on par with the greats, including Karma To Burn and Pelican.  I loved "Electric Abyss", mentioned here, and "Astrolabe" is equally great; not sure I can decide which is my favorite.  Here is the lead track, called "The Journey": 

Just a quick sampler this week while I am checking out a couple of super-recent releases.  Will review whichever is my favorite next weekend.  Over and out.

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