Sunday, June 16, 2019


My number two album of 2018 was Crypt Trip's 'Rootstock', and a year later, they have another masterpiece.  Released in March, but I'm just finding it now.  There's a video too; check out "Gotta Get Away":
This album is as good as Rootstock, but different.  Here Crypt Trip is exploring a Grateful Dead/Allman Brothers type of 70's sound(*), and has nailed that sound to the point that nobody would ever believe this was produced in 2019.  Check out more of this album here on Bandcamp.
(*): The track in the video won't help you hear the Grateful Dead or Allman Brothers reference, but the rest of the album will.
Crypt Trip are:
Ryan Lee - Guitar/Vocals 
Cameron Martin - Drums 
Bass - Sam Bryant 
Geoff Queen - Pedal Steel 
Check out the old telephone cord style guitar cable; these guys are throwbacks on every level, right down to the denim jackets.  Any other old guys out there are bound to like this album, and I'd like to think there's a new wave of younger folks out there who also appreciate music like this. 

I'm not surprised to see that Gabriele Fiori has lured these guys over to his record label.  Score another one for Heavy Psych Sounds.  Keep spreading the rock and roll; 
until next time

Friday, June 14, 2019


Two New Plus One Ancient Treasure

Released ten days before Nebula's latest album 'Holy Shit", this self-titled album from Madrid's "Free Ride" makes me feel like I got two Nebula albums this spring.  With the exception of the first and the last tune (which remind me a bit of Maha Sohona), Free Ride sounds remarkably like late-90's Nebula.    Check out "Nowhere Fast"; I can't get enough of Borja's guitar playing on this one:

Free Ride are:
Carlos Bedmar - drums 
Victor Bedmar - bass 
Borja Fresno - guitar/vocals

This Cincinnati band has been putting out great music since 2010, and on May 24th released 11 stoner rock classics, collectively titled "Old Gods."  At times reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age, Brant Bjork, Stone Temple Pilots, Sonora Ritual and Colossa, among others.  Excellent songwriting and quality of production.  Check out "Dim Vision":

Valley Of The Sun are:
Ryan Ferrier-Guitar/Vocals
Aaron Boyer-Drums
Chris Sweeney-Bass and Keys
Josh Pilot-Guitar

When I went looking for the Free Ride self-titled album on Bandcamp, I noticed there was a band called Freeride from Massachusetts.  I gave a quick listen out of curiosity, and discovered a gem that has been lying undisturbed and unknown to the world:

Released almost 20 years ago, on January 1st, 2001, this 'name your price' album sounds like what you would get if you put the bands Skindred, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, King's X and Gangsta Bitch Barbie in a blender and hit 'puree'.  These guys were really good musicians, and every tune on this album is worthy.  It bothered me that nobody had paid for this album so even though I could have downloaded it for free, I paid five bucks and sent the band a note in case they still check their bandcamp account.  It's like putting money into a street musician's guitar case...twenty years later.  Anyhow, try out "Don't Beg":

Lots of variety of music on this one, from reggae to metal to funk, all really well done.
Can't find any information about these folks, but they are listed on Bandcamp as :
TC - Vocals, guitar 
Weltron - Vocals, drums 
Frogs - Bass
I'd love to know if any of the three are still playing music today.  I have been enjoying the whole album though, and hope some of you will appreciate it also.

Stay heavy; catch you soon

Friday, June 7, 2019

As Good As The Title

You can't call an album 'holy shit' and not back it up with great music.
Nebula backs up the great album title in a big, big way.
Check out the opening track, "Man's Best Friend".  It's simultaneously aggressive and laid back; right up there in terms of all-time great opening tracks if you ask me.  

Now here's one that has the sound of someone actively doing permanent damage to his voice, making it somehow more bad-ass.  
This one's called "Lets Get Lost":

Somehow Nebula has managed to reinvent themselves while maintaining the sound we've come to expect.  

Nebula lives in the stoner rock stratosphere, with bands like Fu Manchu and The Atomic Bitchwax.  
They are:

Eddie Glass: Guitar, Vocals
Tom Davies: Bass
Mike (?): Drums

You can get 'Holy Shit' right here..  
In my opinion, Heavy Psych Sounds and Ripple Music are 
the two mist important stoner rock providers of the year.

Friday, May 31, 2019

STONER ROCK #38 (Playlist)
  Comin' At Ya . . . .

The pattern to playlist #37 was that it contained one tune from each of the years 2000 to 2015, in sequential order.  Not the best tune from each year, but a great tune that has at least something in common with the other tunes on that playlist.

38 is greater than or equal to 37.

Let's share this stuff and reward great music.

Saturday, May 25, 2019


Two albums that came out this weekend have given me a massive erocktion.  Two of my favorite bands have released pure gems this Memorial Day weekend, and I can't stop listening.

Amber and Josh seem to have been replaced, but you knew Stephen wouldn't return with less than excellent talent.  Destroyer is a top-rate release, and here is a live performance of "Boogie Lover", which is likely to be a fan favorite until the band retires.  

Check it out:
The whole album is awesome and catchy. 

Black Mountain is:
Stephen McBean: guitar & vocals
Arjan Miranda: bass
Rachel Fannan: vocals
Adam Bulgasem: drums
Jeremy Schmidt.: keyboards


Here's a video for the opening track, "Spaceduster".  Reminiscent of Clutch's "Spacegrass" at the beginning, don't you think?
Salem's Bend clearly loves the most awesome rock from the 70's, and puts so much love into perpetuating it as to create something truly impressive.  
Supercluster is must-have rock and roll, period.

Salem's Bend are 
Bobby Parker - Guitar and Vocals
Kevin Schofield - Bass and vocals
Zach Huling - Drums

You can buy both Destroyer and Supercluster on bandcamp.

I would not be able to drink great beer, listen to great music and share it with you, if it were not for the sacrifices of all members of the armed forces, and their families.  
Respect and gratitude to you.

Back next weekend

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Duel Is Back
Duel's debut album, "Fears Of The Dead" was one of my top ten albums of 2016.  I've played it more times than I can count.  Can't put my finger on exactly why 2017's "Witchbanger" didn't do it for me, but I am happy to report that "Valley Of The Shadows" proves that "the third time's the charm."  

Tom and Shaun from Scorpion Child have something special going, and have produced another memorable rock album, with equally great guitar, bass, drums and vocals.  

Check out 'Red Moon Forming":

And now "Tyrant On The Throne", an epic tune if there ever was one:

Valley of Shadows is great rock that's interesting and catchy, and I can't get enough of it.  It's on Bandcamp but you'll have to search Heavy Psych Sounds, not Duel, to find it.  Or you can just click here.

Duel is:

  • Tom Frank - guitar,vocals
    Shaun Avants - bass, vocals
    Justin Collins - drums
    Jeff Henson - guitar

I am already blown away by the quality of rock that's come out this year.  I've been a little slow to check out new things because I just can't stop listening to the stuff I've already bought.  
Anyhow, enjoy this nice weather and I'll catch you next weekend, at latest