Friday, November 17, 2017

STONER ROCK #15 (Playlist)

A lot of truly great tunes here.  Hear for yourself, ideally at high volume.  

 Hope you liked it.  Until next time.

Friday, November 10, 2017

(Free Samples)
Here are some brand new free samples on Bandcamp that might make you want to buy the full meal:

POTION: "Seven Sorcerers/Gravemaker"
I found this one just by watching the bottom scroll on the Bandcamp main page, showing what's being purchased on the site in real time.  The name, title and album cover caught my eye.  This band from Sydney is giving us its first two tracks for free, and they make me want to hear what's next. 

HAZEMAZE: "Live At Copperfields"
Another band giving us its first music for free, and these three guys from Stockholm have the balls to put out live recordings before releasing any studio tracks.  Some of these tunes  might not have impressed me if it weren't for the sincerity with which these guys play them.  I definitely look forward to a studio release.  Hazemaze will remind you of Pentagram from time to time.

TWELVE BOAR: "No Forgiveness"
This band has its whole library available for free, but have a healthy amount of Bandcamp listeners who paid money for them.  Listen and you will understand why.  Really high quality hard rock, somewhere between AC/DC and Nashville Pussy.  Twelve Boar are from Aldershot, England.  

That's it for now.  If you want to try a 60 to 80 minute assortment of classic stoner rock tunes, check out one of my playlists.  Until next time


Friday, November 3, 2017

STONER ROCK #14 (Playlist)

Groove on these tunes; an unorthodox assortment, but they sure do flow nicely together .  Enjoy!

 Will come up with something or other next weekend.  Stay Heavy!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

SPACELORD: Spacelord

Rock With a Cosmic Punch - Way Better Than Hot Wings
Like a robot from Cybertron, Spacelord touched down out of nowhere with three great tunes in July and now this instant rock classic on October 10th.  Buffalo, the home of hot wings, and the place where The Midnight Ghost Train was formed, has now produced one of my new favorite bands.  I truly love every tune on this album, and so far can't get enough of it.  This won't fully do them justice, but my best descriptor for Spacelord is a synthesis of the best music by Bad Company and Diamondhead, with a hint of Alice In Chains.

Any tunes I could have picked here would be worth your time, but here is "Livewire."

And now "Warlike:"

Spacelord is:

Bass: Chris Cappiello 
Drums: Kevin Flynn 
Vocals: Ed Grabianowski 
Guitar: Richard Roo

"Spacelord" should appeal to stoner rock and classic hard rock fans, and can be found here on Bandcamp.  The lyrics are on the site too if you click on the names of the tunes.  You can also find July's debut EP entitled "New Horrible Menace" for three bucks here.  It is also highly worthy.

That's all for now, will check in next weekend


Saturday, October 21, 2017

The title here has double significance; "The Tower" is not only one of the best rock albums I've heard in a long time, but it seems to be heavily influenced by 1970's Yes.  I saw a comment left by a YouTube viewer of the tune "Every Dream Home" that said "Problem is that after listening motoropsycho, hardly any other rock band matters that much anymore." I remember when I first heard Yes' "Fragile" album, (it was a 1972 album but I heard it first sometime in the '80's). A few of the tunes really grabbed me because they were so much more complex than what I had been listening to, yet still heavy in a unique kind of way (Roundabout, South Side Of The Sky, and of course Heart Of The Sunrise). I started to play the album to death, to the point where I came to love every tune on the album and recognize the musical genius that Fragile represented. As far as other rock bands not mattering any more, complexity is definitely not everything. To this day I have not grown out of my love and appreciation for all the other heavy music that I was listening to; great music comes in lots of forms.

Back to the topic at hand though.  "The Tower" will likely go down as one of Motorpsycho's best releases, and that's saying a lot.  Here is "In Every Dream Home (There's A Dream Of Something Else)":
And here's the lead and title track, "The Tower":

Motorpsycho are from Trondheim, Norway and have been making great music for the better part of 30 years (formed in 1989).  They are:

Bent Sæther: lead vocalsbassguitarskeyboardsdrums
Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryanlead: guitars, vocals, keyboards, mandolinviolin, bass
Tomas Järmyr: drums

"The Tower" brings 85 minutes of some really different and creative rock.  You can purchase or check more out here.  Until next time! 

Friday, October 20, 2017

STONER ROCK #13 (Playlist)

Relatively obscure tunes but well worth your time.   Starts off largely instrumental for a few tunes and then transitions nicely into some vocals.  Hope you enjoy

 Check back for a new album review before the weekend's over.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Planetary Space Child

Hits The Spot
Philadelphia's Ruby The Hatchet are hard to categorize, but it comes close to the truth to say that they are like Electric Citizen mixed with a bit of Emerson Lake and Palmer.  Planetary Space Child really delivers on every tune, and moves into the stratosphere of 2017 releases.  Very thoughtful songwriting, with good variety and great musicianship make this a winner.  
Not sure I have a single favorite yet, but here are a couple of candidates:

Here's "Killer."  Stick with this one and you'll see.

And here's the epic "Symphony Of The Night."  There's a Blue Oyster Cult type of vibe going on here and I love it.  

Jillian Taylor: Vocals 
Johnny Scarps: Guitar 
Lake Muir: Bass 
Owen Stewart: Drums 
Sean Hur: Organ

Planetary Space Child was released on August 25, and can be found here on Bandcamp.
That's all for now, will check in next weekend.