Tuesday, February 19, 2019

More epic heavy rock for your inspection.  
Excessive volume always recommended:
 Hope I either turned you on to something or made you nostalgic.  

Go forth and be heavy 

Sunday, February 17, 2019


Two upcoming albums which promise to be special

Another great rock band from Sweden?  Go figure.  Check out this preview track, from the album which will be released on March 1st. 

Hard to categorize, but definitely heavy while melodic, and bluesy while experimental.  Black Lung's last album really covered a lot of musical ground, and I expect this one to do so as well.  Here is the pre-released track, with the rest of the album due on March 8th.  Cool album art too, don't you think?
This is the title track, "Ancients":
 Here is one of my favorites from Black Lung's 2016 album, "See The Enemy".  The song is "Crooked Finger":

I am very much looking forward to these albums based on the strength of the pre-released tracks, and both bands' previous work.  Go forth and spread the word  on them.  
Until next time

Friday, February 15, 2019

The Calm Before The Calm
Some Real Classic Tunes From A Really Promising Band

A few of these tunes are going to get hundreds of plays from me, and here's why:  Authentic 1970's style hard rock, expertly recorded with a guitar sound that flirts between clean, fuzz and doom tones, joined by masterful bass, drums and vocals.  

Here's the smooth as silk opening track, "Woman":

And now my favorite, the doomier "Call It In".  
Should be in the running for my top tunes of 2019 at the end of the year; it's that good.  Listen for yourself:

The Lunar Effect are from London, and are:

Jon Jefford: Guitar/Piano/Harmonium
Dan Jefford: Drums
Brett Halsey: Bass
Josh Gosling: Vocals

I've got a couple of previews of upcoming albums that promise to be really special.  Will post in the next day or two.  Until then, stay heavy

Friday, February 8, 2019

If you've already heard this, go on about your business; nothing to see here.  But this tune is new to me, and it's worth sharing.  I've always loved King's X, and here we've got Dug Pinnick being used to repeatedly sing "go fuck yourself".  Dug's voice is in my all-time pantheon of rock singers, and the result here is memorable.  You've even got George Lynch being a boss at the end of the tune.  
Hear & see for yourself:
May have a review tomorrow, if not will make up for it next weekend.  

Right now I'm going to watch that Superbowl again.  Nobody's ever shut down these Rams like that before;  The '85 Bears let up 10 points, and the 2000 Ravens let up 7, and neither the Pats nor the Giants in those days was as scary a team as these current Rams.  Most impressive Pats win to date; God Bless Bill Belichick!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Stuff I Heard First on Tony Berardini's Heavy Metal From Hell

I used to record Tony Berardini's Sunday night "Heavy Metal From Hell" broadcasts on cassette tape, and still own those same cassettes (Not sure if they still play though).  
Tony had a healthy respect for so many different types of heavy music, he really helped me to develop my own preferences.  Here's how I remember it going down:
(You've got to give the first tune a couple of minutes to get going, but once it takes off you'll understand why it's here)
 The early eighties hadn't gotten the memo that the seventies had ended, and produced some truly classic albums.  Hear for yourself.
No corny music battle post this time, just a "GO PATS!"

Friday, February 1, 2019

STONER ROCK #31 (Playlist)
More stoner rock classics...I love each and every one of these tunes

Hope you found something new.  

Check out Grownman's 'Listen of the Day' below.  

Dorre - Fall River (2019) (New Full Album)


Saturday, January 26, 2019

You Decide.
Whatever you want to call it, I couldn't stop watching.  I made it to the end and was so impressed, I had to share.  Even though he stays on the same general techno theme, I am just mesmerized by the precision with which he finds his various pieces of junk as he moves from spot to spot.  Love it when he picks up that long metal piece and slams it down so quickly, as well as the old dude that starts dancing around seven and a half minutes in.  Most impressive might be around eleven and a half minutes, when he starts banging the metal rods, anticipating the way they will bounce as he strikes them.  Wonder what he would do behind a drum set?
As always, thanks for checking us out.  If no-one was reading/listening, we wouldn't bother posting.
Until next time!