Saturday, January 13, 2018

Stoner Rock Playlist #19

STONER ROCK #19 (Playlist)

Having technical difficulties with playlists 17 and 18 (playmoss' free site only allows you 15 tunes per playlist, and my #17 and 18 have 16 each).  Will work around this but in the meantime, check this one out: a doubleshot each of The Midnight Ghost Train, Sheavy and Vista Chino, among other tastiness.  Enjoy...

Check out my Top 10 Stoner Rock Albums of 2017, and review of Weedpecker III below if you haven't already.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

First Review of 2018:

I had pre-ordered this on Amazon, and it was finally available to download today.  I have come to view Weedpecker as very comparable to Elder.  They are operating on a higher level than most bands, both in terms of technical proficiency and in creativeness of songwriting.  The sprawling, evolving song structures resemble free-form jams but are so good that we can tell they are well thought out.  Those who felt that Weedpecker II was too mellow will find this one a bit heavier.  Here is the track that was pre-released, called "Liquid Sky": (somehow this dude had this track back in early May)

Now, one of my three favorites, "From Mars To Mercury".

I like Weedpecker III better than Elder's "Reflections Of A Floating World", and that's saying a lot.  

Am only on my first listen but this is my favorite of the three Weedpecker albums already.  Get it here digitally for $6.99 from Amazon, or from the source, Stickman Records here.  First 2018 album I've heard and I already expect in to be on my top ten list in December.  

Weepecker is:
Wyro-guitar & vocal
Bartek-guitar & vocal

Finally, here's a picture I found on the band's Facebook page that made me laugh:

Over and out, and Happy New Years!   -ULTRA

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Top Ten Stoner Rock Albums of 2017

Here are my top ten Stoner Rock albums of 2017, in video form.  I picked one tune from each (made sure none are tunes I've posted here in the past), starting with #10 and finishing with #1.  The result is not for the faint of heart, but classic stoner rock through and through.  Playing time is just shy of 64 minutes.  Hope you will have the time to put it on and give it a chance.  If you are short for time or impatient, you can see my #10 through #1 picks below.  In the video, track info is given for the first 20 seconds of each tune.  

#10: "(((I'm Heroin)))" by Mephistofeles            #9: "New Beginnings" by Radio Moscow

Retro and raunchy; great album                             Radio Moscow never disappoints 

#8: "Emperor of Sand" by Mastodon              #7: "Reflections of a Floating World" 
Tons going on here, but eventually these                  by Elder.  Elder is one of the all-time 
tunes will be stuck permanently in your head           greats of the genre                                 

#6: "Time Travel Dilemma" by Spaceslug.        #5: "Villains" by Queens of the Stone Age
This, along with "Mountains & Reminiscence",         Josh Homme never does anything 
make two classics in the same year.                            half-assed.  More aggressive than 
                                                              "..Like Clockwork"      

#4: "Force Field" by                          #3: "Spacelord" by Spacelord
                    The Atomic Bitchwax.                              This, along with the 3 tracks on "New
       Stoner rock royalty does it again                        Horrible Menace", are must-haves

#2: "Electric Mountain" by Electric      #1: "Doubleblind"  by Skunk      
Mountain.  Instantly became one                 I swear these guys loved exactly
of my all-time favorites.  Can't                the same bands from the 70's as  
say enough about this one.                   me.  I knew this would be my 
                                                                   number one of the year the first  
                                                                night I heard it.

These Deserve To Be On The List Too:  

"Blackbird" by The Riven: only 23 minutes, but every one of those minutes is classic.  Can't wait for a full-length release

"The Naked High EP" by The Naked High.  Again, can't wait for the first full-length album.  (although their "EP" is as about long as each of the last two Atomic Bitchwax albums)

"Planetary Space Child" by Ruby The Hatchet:  Quality, cover to cover

"About Time" by Horisont:  It's kind of like early eighties hard rock songwriting with a late seventies sound.  Truly unique in today's world and truly great album cover to cover

"Jake Leg Boogie" by Five Horse Johnson:  This band is back in a big way, giving us one of their best releases

"Revolution on Repeat" by Troubled Horse: their second release establishes them as masters of throwback rock

"The Tower" by Motorpsycho: truly mind-blowing material that can't be fully grasped in just a few listens 

Stay safe tonight, and make sure rock music is played really loud as you send 2017 on its way.

Happy New Year, Over and Out 

Friday, December 29, 2017


Some Jewels From 2017 I Never Got Around To Posting

DEVIL ELECTRIC: Devil Electric

This band from Melbourne released a four track EP in June of 2016, and then this gem in August 2017.  Top-notch songwriting, musicianship, vocals and production.  I finally purchased this after a couple of months of listening in on Bandcamp, and don't know what I was waiting for.  Pretty different from other female-fronted stoner rock bands like Blood Ceremony, Electric Citizen or Ruby The Hatchet.  Willing to bet these folks are fans of  The Graviators.  "Lady Velvet" is the hit, but I'm posting "Acidic Fire".   Give this one a chance to develop.  Drum player is subtly awesome here.

RADIO MOSCOW: New Beginnings

Few things in life are as sure as a high-quality release from Radio Moscow.  They are right up there with Clutch in terms of consistency of quality and sincerity, while maintaining a sound that anyone unfamiliar with the band would swear is from the early 1970's.  Timeless, very Hendrix-inspired guitar rock.  Here is the title track, "New Beginnings":


New Ufomammut is all that needs to be said if you like this band.  They are one of the very best in their category of sludgy, doomy, super heavy and slow developing rock.  Flip a coin on whether to call them stoner rock or heavy metal;  Ufomammut releases nothing but quality.  Here is "Warsheep":

MASTODON: Emperor Of Sand
Once again, new release is all you need to hear when it comes to this band.  Mastodon is on a level with Rush in terms of technical proficiency and uniqueness, and is perpetually aggressive and sophisticated at the same time.   Here is "Steambreather", set to easily the strangest music video I've ever seen:   (you thought the Warsheep video was weird?  Get a load of this...)

Guy that gets hit in the face with hot dogs: a young Al Bundy?  Also, 0:50 the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in a music video.

Going to post my top ten albums playlist ASAP; Will anything here be on it?  
Stay tuned!!!    -ULTRA

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Finishes with my pick for #1 Stoner Rock tune of 2017, but otherwise the order is simply determined by nice transitions.  This and the 2015 top ten albums playlist are my two greatest playlists to date.  
Even if you don't agree with my choices for top ten, I think you have to agree that these are ten awesome tunes, that flow really nicely into each other.  Let me know what you think:

Six of the ten songs are the lead track on that album.

Working on my top ten albums playlist - more challenging, because I try to use tunes that I haven't posted on the blog yet, almost to make the point that there are so many great tunes on each album, which is why they made the top ten.  
Back soon with more

Saturday, December 16, 2017


The Legend Continues

The Atomic Bitchwax have gotten so good, and have been delivering great rock for so many years, they now live in the great bands of all time category.  "Gravitron" was my pick for album of the year in 2015, and definitely one that would be in my hand if I had to grab a handful of CD's to save from a burning house.  "Force Field" picks up where Gravitron left off, while managing to be more manic.  "Tour de Force Field" would have been an easy but appropriate title for this review.  2017 is yet another year where some of the best music comes out in the final weeks.  Hear for yourself;  

There was a time when I thought that Finn Ryan Atomic Bitchwax wasn't quite as good as Ed Mundell Atomic Bitchwax.  Now I realize that Finn's TAB has always been awesome, and it just took me a while to realize it.

The Atomic Bitchwax is:

Bob Pantella (drums)
Finn Ryan (guitar)
Chris Kosnik (vocals, bass)

Go pick up "Force Field" from  lots of places.  You can pick up every single Atomic Bitchwax album before this, 8 albums for $5 here.  As I have stated before on this site, you will NEVER get more for $5 than you will with this download.  Honestly, if your collection is only missing one of the eight albums, it still a good deal.  

Anyhow, am rethinking my 2017 top ten, but will post both my top ten Stoner Rock albums, and my top ten Stoner Rock tunes before the New Year.  Back next weekend

Saturday, December 2, 2017

STONER ROCK #16 (Playlist)

I love all these playlists.  Wouldn't post them if I didn't.  That being said, this is one of my favorites.  Finishes with a highly worthy bonus track

 Also, check out some Santa Sabbath, below.  Back next weekend
(You kind of have to listen now, don't you?)
Someone really did this... (and has done this for three years in a row now).  Four dudes (now five) from L.A. who would have been the heaviest, doomiest band ever to be featured on the Dr. Demento show if they had existed in the 1970's.  Had to share this one early, since its value is really highest before Christmas as opposed to afterwards.  Here is a favorite of mine from each release:

Here is "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", released December first (hot off the press):

Now "Wicked Christmas" from last year's release entitled "Christmas Bloody Christmas":

Now "Electric Hanukkah"" from 2015's "Children Of The Sleigh":

Should be able to post the next Stoner Rock playlist tomorrow night; until then...-ULTRA