Saturday, October 20, 2018

STONER ROCK #27 (Playlist)
  These playlists I have been posting were all put together for my own enjoyment, starting years ago, stored on my Zune before it died, and burned on CD so I'd always have great tunes in the car for long rides.  I mailed extra copies to a friend of mine who enjoys them, and one day had the bright idea to share them here online.  I tweaked and worked at all of them to get the transitioning the way I liked it, and that's my story.  I am up to 38 of them, and so my postings are catching up to what's in my car.  If even a few of you find something you like that's new to you, then it was worth posting the playlist.  After all, isn't it a natural urge to want to share the music you like the most with others?
Here is playlist number 27;  as usual, this music is volume friendly.
 Make sure to check out the new Transit Method album below; it's really creative. 
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Friday, October 19, 2018

We Won't Get Out Of Here Alive
I'm going with a cross between Stinking Lizaveta and Sweat Lodge.  They definitely have the sound of the Austin stoner rock scene, but with a progressive twist.  Check out this tune and video, entitled "Snake Wine":
Really interesting stuff here.  Just discovered this album thanks to Nerve Salad, and am so intrigued by it that I just had to share.  Here is "Parasight":
Transit Method declares themselves as "an Austin, Texas band by way of New Jersey."
They are:
Matt LoCoco - guitar, vocals
Danny Cruz Borja, Jr. - bass
Mike LoCoco - drums

So much to listen to, so little time...

Friday, October 12, 2018

Science Fiction
Brainwashing, or Pure Genius??

Yes, and yes.  This music will suck you in, and has a mesmerizing quality to it because of its simultaneous simplicity, deliberateness and originality.  If you viewed my previous music video playlist you can skip the video here and check out the other songs.  Otherwise, this video and song simply must be viewed and heard.  Starting around 2:00 in, the guitar and keyboard become slowly and subtly more and more prominent until the point where you realize that the Church has distracted you with its weird image, and has snuck up on you and started rocking your world.
Here is "Cold Sweat":

Now try to clear your mind of the Bizarro World ABBA image, and just listen to these tunes.  Church Of The Cosmic Skull has really brought something new to heavy music.  Hear for yourself with the lead and title track,  "Science Fiction:"

And now "Revolution Comes With An Act Of Love":

Church of the Cosmic Skull are from Nottingham, England and are:

Brother Bill Fisher - Guitar & Vocals 
Brother Michael Wetherburn - Organ & Vocals 
Brother Laurence Stone  - Drums 
Brother Sam Lloyd - Bass & Vocals 
Sister Joanne Joyce - Vocals 
Sister Amy Nicholson - Electric Cello & Vocals 
Sister Caroline Cawley - Vocals

Not sure if this means I'm part of a cult, but I really like this album.  
That's all for now

LA CHINGA: Beyond The Sky
Gratuitous and Fun 

This is the third album by this trio from Vancouver, and seems to draw from the best of 1970s and 1980s hard rock.  These guys know what they're doing, and this is the perfect album to put on when you're in the mood for up-tempo, gratuitous rock and roll.  Check out my current favorite track, "Death Rider":
And here's "Mama Boogie":
La Chinga is:
Ben Yardley: Guitars, Vocals, 
Jason Solyom: Drums
Carl Spackler: Bass, Vocals
(although it seems to be Chris Read on bass in all their live photos)

La Chinga, The Death Wheelers and of course Hashteroid, have earned British Columbia a prominent spot on the 2018 stoner rock greats list.  
Got to run for now

Friday, October 5, 2018

Just an assortment of music videos from the current year.  Some lists go to ten, ours goes to eleven:
  • Tracks 1 and 2 kick ass
  •  track 7 is a Boston band
  • track 9 is not too far off from 1970's Heart, which I always liked
  • track 10 is a weird psychedelic incarnation of Abba, but I can't get the tune out of my head.
  • track 11 is one of the great tunes of the year.
Go Red Sox

Saturday, September 29, 2018

STONER ROCK #26 (Playlist)
  This one is all over the map;  turn it up.
  Make sure to check out the compilation album below; it's all current and there's so much there to check out.
More next weekend...

Friday, September 28, 2018

Doomed & Stoned in Deutschland

Epic Compilation

The "Doomed and Stoned" compilation albums have been nothing less than stellar, but the Deutschlad edition had set a new standard.  I am so appreciative of all the great music this collection has exposed me to.  It was put together by someone named Mel Lie, and has opened my eyes to the tremendous amount of great heavy music that exists in Germany.  Try these out:
First, here is "Vug" by Vug:

 Now "Me vs. Me" from Slow Green Thing.  This tune reminds me of Ultraspank, but more trippy.

"Gaia" by Dryad.  Thought this was great, then found out it's a live recording of a rehearsal.  Can not wait to hear what the studio version sounds like:

"Beyond The Blue Fields" by Willow Child:

Finally, "Forever Damned" by Zeremony.  Totally up my alley:

These are just five of forty six different varieties of German doom and stoner rock on this collection, from trippy to dead heavy.  It's "Name Your Price" here, because it is highly likely you will seek a few of these bands out and want to by their albums.  There is definitely something for everyone on this.

Until next time,