Friday, September 15, 2017

STONER ROCK #10 (Playlist)

First transition is not too smooth, but after that this one flows really nicely.  

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

WEED PRIEST: Consummate Darkness

Doom For Halloween

Out this Halloween, Weed Priest's "Consummate Darkness" delivers a sound consistent with its album art, and will blast you with about 40 minutes of  heavy, sludgy doom reminiscent of Belzebong, with similar quality.

I usually stay on the trippier side of doom, but Grownman shared this with me after Cursed Monk Records passed him along a demo copy, and it is highly worthy.  
"Vampyr" is the track we're allowed to share at this time.  It and "Sky Daddy" are my two early favorites.

Weedpriest are from Galway, Ireland and were first formed in 2009.  Since then they have released a demo, an EP, two splits and a full-length album prior to hooking up with Cursed Monk Records.  They are:

Adamus de Sabbator - Guitar, Vox
K.H. Rhaagulus - Bass
Sean "The Tormentor" Sullivan - Guitar
Migorr - Drums

"Consummate Darkness" should appeal to fans of Belzebong, Ufomammut and to some Church of Misery fans as well.  Pre-order here to get "Vampyr" now and the rest on Halloween. 


Servants Of The Salem Girl

Debut Album Brilliance

Roughly forty two minutes of high quality heavy-psychedelic music, slightly more heavy than psychedelic. Great songwriting here with tunes that suck you back in when you start to drift off.  A really well produced album - the brilliance of the guitar, bass and drums are each clearly heard and the vocals fit perfectly in with the songs.  I like this one more with each listen.  Check out the introductory track, titled "Salem Girl, Part 1":

Here's track 3, "Black Marble House", giving you a taste for the range of sounds and tempos you will find on this album.  The beginning is briefly reminiscent of Tool's "The Patient".  This is my early favorite on this album:

The Necromancers were formed in 2015 and are from Poitiers, France.  They are:

Rob - Lead Guitar
Tom - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Simon - Bass Guitar
Ben - Drums

Stoner Rock is really a labor of love for the bands that produce it.  This genre of music is making nobody rich, but is producing some of the greatest rock music  there's ever been.  You can help keep it alive by spreading the word on these bands, seeing them live when possible, and purchasing their music.  
You can listen to or buy "Servants Of The Salem Girl" here.


Monday, September 4, 2017

STONER ROCK #9 (Playlist)

Here is my ninth playlist of stoner rock greats; Super-catchy lead track, seething relentless closer, and all kinds of action in between.  Turn this one up 

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

STONER ROCK #8 (Playlist)

68% American (13/19 tunes) and 100% classic, here is my eighth playlist of stoner rock greats:

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

SWEAT LODGE: Tokens For Hell

16 Minutes of Top Shelf Heavy Psych

I heard Sweat Lodge on Ripple Music's free sampler released in April (reviewed here).  Once again, a free release leads to a purchase.  Since downloading "Fully Jacked" for free in March, I have purchased both 2015's "Talismana" full length album and March's "Tokens For Hell".  I instantly noted similarities to one of my favorite bands, The Well, before noticing they both come from the same city of Austin, Texas.  

How much do you want to bet that they are intentionally paying tribute to Sabbath's "Megalomania" on the first track, "Life Goes On"?

Track 2 is called "Lost The Sun":

Sweat Lodge says they are going on a "short hiatus" ,but they are/were:

Bones - Guitar
Caleb - Drums
Cody - Vocals
Shock - Bass

Sweat Lodge will appear in future playlists; in the meantime I'll be posting Stoner Rock #8 tomorrow night; it's got 19 tunes that take up 78 minutes,and goes down smooth from start to finish.  

Friday, August 18, 2017

Doomy Mood Music: 
Here are two great new albums I found on Bandcamp.  Both sustain a cohesive mood throughout the album, featuring a real distinctive take on the doom genre.  Both albums deserve the same summary comment:  With a debut album that's this strong, I can't wait to see where this band ends up.


Takoma Washington's Kyberox is best described as a hybrid of two of the three bands they cite as their major influences: Acid King and The Sword.  Mood is the primary goal, like Acid King, but the songwriting is less repetitious, quicker and guitar-centric, like The Sword.  How could a song titled "Strawberry Wizard" not be awesome?

Kyberox is:
Atomic Ash - vocals
Volcano Reno - drums
Tornado Travis - guitar
Cosmic Chad - bass


Released in late July, this is another special find.  This band will receive much more attention for being awesome than they will for being an all-female doom trio.  High Priestess delivers a thirty eight and a half minute long demo that I would describe as awesome, spacey doom.  One of the Bandcamp commentors (Colin M.) pointed out that High Priestess' first release is better than so many other good bands' best releases, and I wholeheartedly agree.  Check out "Take the Blame", and I expect you'll be on the band's Bandcamp page listening to the rest of the tracks.  You will not be disappointed.

High Priestess is:
Katie Gilchrest - guitars, vocals, organ 
Mariana Fiel - bass, vocals 
Megan Mullins - drums, percussion 

Check out my stoner rock playlist "Stoner Rock #7" below and let me know what you think

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

STONER ROCK #7 (Playlist)

40% each American (KTB, Hermano & Firebird) and Swedish (Ponamero Sundown, Dozer, Blowback), 13.3% Norwegian (Tank 86 and Mother-Unit) and 6.7% Japanese (Eternal Elysium).  I love every tune in every one of these playlists, and each playlist loosely reflects what I was listening to at the time I created it.  Here is the seventh in the series:

Have been away, but have some highly worthy recommendations to post tomorrow.
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