Friday, December 7, 2018

STONER ROCK #29 (Playlist)
An hour and eleven minutes of entertainment for you to explore 
(ours goes to an hour eleven).  

Hope you found something new.  Comments always welcome!
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Friday, November 30, 2018


Fun, Adrenaline-Boosting, High-Energy Gold
All I can find for background information on this band is that it was founded by a guy named Jonathan Newby, from Indiana, who used to be in a band called Brazil.  But I can tell you that I have given this album countless listens, and have purchased the band's whole discography.  The "Witches" album is particularly good, in addition to this one.  JC Autobody has really created a unique sound and deserves not to be compared to anybody, but I will say that at times they remind me of Jackson Firebird, with vocals at times reminiscent of both Kyle Thomas from Witch, and Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction.  Anyhow, here are a couple of greats from Turbo:
First, the title track:

Next, the tune you are pointed to first if you listen on Bandcamp, entitled "Horsepower":

And a heavier track, "The Reaper" from JC Autobody's previous 2015 album,  "Witches".  This one is so up my alley.  I just love the heavy vibe and the oh-so-tasteful two and a half minute guitar solo at the end of the tune. ( A little Kent Stump influence?)

Is this Jonathan???
Is that him on the cover of the "Indiana" album?
There's something kind of cool about not being able to have any pre-existing image to associate with the music while listening.  

Did I mention that all of JC Autobody's albums are "name your price" on bandcamp?
They clearly just want you to give a listen and spread the word if you like it.  
Personally, I love it.  Try them out here.

Thanks for reading/listening

Friday, November 23, 2018

THE WALL: (Redux)
Best Tribute Album, Ever

Magnetic Eye Records has put out a few "Redux" albums, where they get current artists to remake songs from classic albums, but this remake of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" has set a new standard of excellence.  Not only did they raise the bar with the selection of bands, but from the minute you press play, you cannot deny the respect these artists have for this historic album.  The bands that stick to the script of the original tunes do it with an energy that helps you hear them in a new light, and the bands that take some liberties with the tracks have clearly put thought and effort into what they have done.  
The Wall (Redux) has made Pink Floyd's music relevant for me at a time when they were completely out of my rotation for years.  

Now I will quote Magnetic Eye Records with:
 "Listen to it in full and connect deeply, even though deep listening without distraction seems to be a dying pastime in the modern digital age."  

This album was meant to be played in sequence, from cover to cover, 
and I encourage you to do so here.  
However, if you want a good sampler before you dive in, the  I have picked out these:

"Goodbye Blue Sky" by Mos Generator:

Now Pallbearer's "Run Like Hell":

"Hey You", by Summoner:

And Church Of The Cosmic Skull has done something truly special with "The Trial":

This album is a masterpiece, and a must-listen for anyone who's spent any time with the 1979 classic.
I truly can't get enough of this one, listening for the bazillionth time as I type.  
Hope I have turned a few people on to this gem.
That's all for now  - ULTRA 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Blood's Thicker Than Love
Worth The Six Years' Wait
I'd recommend any of Blood of the Sun's releases, but hold 2012's "Burning On The Wings Of Desire" as an elite rock album.  Great songwriting, with the "it" factor;  these guys just have "it", and within seconds of each tune, the band proves "we are rock stars."   Blood of the Sun delivers old school guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, with an authentic 1970's hard rock songwriting style and sound.  "Blood's  Thicker Than Love" makes me suspect the band is ageless, maintaining the same sincerity, energy and attitude that have set them apart since their debut album in 2004.
Check out the lead track, "Keep The Lemmys Comin'"

Here's "Air Rises As You Drown", a truly epic accomplishment of a tune.  You've got to give it a minute or so to warm up, but you'll need the warm-up to buffer the ass-kicking that follows.  
Reminiscent of the Mystic Crewe of Clearlight.
Blood of the Sun are:

Dave Gryder Keys 
Wyatt Burton Guitar 
Alex Johnson guitar vocals 
Roger “Kip” Yma Bass 
Sean Vargas vocals 
Henry Vasquez Drums vocals

Sold by Listenable Records on bandcamp

Friday, November 16, 2018

STONER ROCK #28 (Playlist)
Listen to these tracks, in order, then render your judgement!
For better service, comment below.
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Epic Debut Album, Awesome Find.
I am deeply grateful to AD⚡AM on Bandcamp, since I found this album by
 following him.  This is inspired, high-energy rock from Manchester, England.  Just an enjoyable album, start to finish, with guitar, bass, drums and organ laying down old-school destruction.  

Check out the introductory tune, "The Lizard":

Keep it rolling; track 2 is "Broken":

Reptilian Humanoid is:
Keenan Judge - Vocals
Mark Baxter - Bass
Dante Thornton - Guitar
Charlie Powell - Keyboards
Rob Wellock - Drums
Reptilian Humanoid screams potential to me, and I can't wait to see what they produce next.

Happy Friday!

Friday, November 9, 2018


Rakinef Moseewa
Decipher that, and you'll see that I think this album is Freakin Awesome.  Indecipher was released this morning, and I got up early to download it so I could listen on my way to work.   Both of Spacelord's 2017 releases, "New Horrible Menace", and "Spacelord"  are must-owns, and now "Indecipher" does not disappoint.  For me, Spacelord is a band who likes the same music as me, but has a distinctive take on it that just sucks you in, with its creative energy and enthusiastic songwriting.  Certain portions of the album make me think Rich has been listening to a lot of Jimmy Page.

This is not one of those tunes, but track 3 is a tune that I loved right away.  It's called "Cruiserweight":

And now an epic, track 7, "Zero Hour".  Can't get enough of this one.  Far out lyrics too.

Spacelord's Indecipher is one of many things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving season.
Spacelord are:

Bass: Chris Cappiello
Drums: Kevin Flynn 
Vocals: Ed Grabianowski 
Guitar: Richard Root

You can check out my January interview with Chris, Ed and Rich here if you missed it.
That's all for now

Saturday, November 3, 2018


Unabashed, Weed-Induced, Skull-Crushing Rock

Belzebong has done it again, and that's really all that needs to be said.  
Opening track, "The Bong Of Eternal Stench": (turn it up)
Track 2 continues the massive, brooding wall of sound.  Here is "Pot Fiend":
Belzebong are:
Cheesy Dude - Guitar
Sleepy Dude - Bass
Alky Dude - Guitar
Hexy Dude - Drums
Boogey Dude- Visuals
You can pick up "Light The Dankness" here on Bandcamp.

New Spacelord out this Friday.  Until then.