Sunday, July 15, 2018

STONER ROCK #22 (Playlist)
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  Some underdog track here, but all great.  Track 3 is on my all-time favorite tunes list.  Try to catch the lyrics; might take a couple of listens, but worth it.  Really captures what being a rock star is all about.  More next weekend...

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Kind Of Cheesy, But Really Well Done

If you read my posts, you know there are quite a few heavy stoner rock bands I love that have female vocalists.  I like to think however, that these are bands where the focus is the song, and not the vocals.  Lucifer's "II" at times feels to me like it was written as a vehicle for the vocals.  While this would normally turn me off, the band that is trying to showcase the singer is so good that they have produced an album of catchy tunes that are professionally presented, and just overall "tight."  I have given this album far more plays than I thought I would.  Hear one of the reasons why, with "Eyes In The Sky":
And now "Before The Sun":
Lucifer is one of quite a few bands which have chosen this same name, but these folks are from both Stockholm and Berlin, and are:
Johanna Sadonis (vocals)
Nicke Andersson (drums)
Alexander Mayr (bass)
Martin Nordin (guitar)
Linus Björklund (guitar)
Robin Tidebrink (guitar)

If you don't get why I used the phrase "Cheesy" though, check out the video for the opening track "California Son":  (Having a hard time believing that any of those three have ever really ridden a motorcycle)
Some chance of another post tomorrow.
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Sunday, July 8, 2018

STARCRAWLER: Starcrawler
Really Young Kids, Channeling Some of the Greats

This album doesn't really fit in the realm of my normal reviews, but it's gotten my attention and I had to weigh in.  Somehow these kids have managed to develop an awareness of punk/rock history far beyond their years.  While I have to think these guys must be connected, in order to have gotten the kind of exposure they have managed after just one album, they are also naturals and truly talented.  Top-notch songwriting, with the stage presence of seasoned professionals, you will instantly be reminded of Nirvana, The Stooges and The Ramones.  
Here is their most well-known hit, "I Love L.A.":
(By the way, I think that's "Nuge" from the band Arctic at the front of the line at the donut shop):

Now here are a few live tunes, which in my opinion showcase the enormous potential this band has.  Arrow is 18, and Henri (17) was still in high school when this album was released, yet this foursome has a transcendent stage presence.

Maybe you think I've sold out on this one, but I'm impressed by these kids' talent and find the whole album to be pretty catchy.  I am looking forward to hearing what Starcrawler does next.

Starcrawler are:
Henri Cash- Guitar
Austin Smith- Drums
Arrow de Wilde- Vocals
Tim Franco - bass

Back with some stoner rock next time.  Until then!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

STONER ROCK #21 (Playlist)
Here is the next installment...
 I love the way this one flows; hope 
others do too.  More to come...

Friday, June 22, 2018

GLANVILLE: First Blood
Old-School Awesome
If you were a fan of bands like Iron Maiden,  Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy, or enjoy current bands like Valkyrie and Horisont, then you will quickly appreciate the perfection of this album.  First Blood is a masterful metal album that will also appeal to stoner rock fans such as myself, who grew up on early heavy metal.  What's more, René Hofmann reminds me of Graham Bonnet, which gives him kingpin status in my book.

Here is the album's opening track, "God Is Dead":

And now the truly genius "Demons":

Glanville are from Darmstadt, Marburg, Frankfurt and St. Albans in Germany.  They are:
René Hofmann (vocals)
Philipp Michel (lead guitar)
Peter-Philipp Schierhorn (bass)
Thomas Hoffmann (drums)
Chris West (rhythm guitar)
Many thanks to Nerve Salad for making me aware of this gem.  Even John Rambo can't get this album out of his head!
Until next time   -ULTRA

Sunday, June 17, 2018

"Peace" De Résistance

Since 2015's "Innocence and Decadence" (which made my 2015 top ten list), Graveyard has broken up for good, citing "differences within the band", then has gotten back together and released yet another classic album.  Drummer Axel Sjöberg has been replaced by Oskar Bergenheim, and  Graveyard's fifth album is as great as I had hoped.  Graveyard has managed to put their own unique stamp on the blues, something which is increasingly hard to do after decades upon decades of bands attempting to do just that.  Graveyard manages to sound retro without sounding specifically like anyone from the past, and has a sound that is both clean and gritty, mellow and heavy.  
Every tune is strong on this album, so I will post the two with official videos.   Here is 
"The Fox":
And now "Please Don't":
"Peace" is clearly available from Nuclear Blast records, but I have to point out that if you order the vinyl or CD from Amazon, you get to download the digital version on the spot, and listen to it while you wait for the physical album to arrive.  This is something you cannot do yet if you order directly through Nuclear Blast.

Graveyard is a lock for the Stoner Rock Hall of Fame, when such a thing ever materializes, and each of their albums deserves your attention if you are a fan of the genre.  
Graveyard are from Gothenburg, Sweden, and are:

Joakim Nilsson – Guitar & Vocals
Jonathan Ramm – Guitar
Truls Mörck – Bass
Oskar Bergenheim - Drums

More next weekend!!

Friday, June 8, 2018

STONER ROCK #18 (Playlist)

Have been super busy, but want to serve up another playlist of stoner rock classics.  This one is high energy, with lots of variety.  Hope you have time to give it a listen.   
Just heard the new Astrosoniq album for the first time; really different!  Hope to post a review next weekend, if I can get my head around it by then.  Stay heavy!  -ULTRA

Also:  Just because it's cool: Here's a scan of the inside of the new Sleep CD: click to zoom in and have a look around.  The Butler makes it, I think