Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Here's a butt-load of cool stuff that came out this year, that if you haven't already, you need to hear:
(that at least rhymed in my head)

"Heavy Mellow" is a good descriptor for this album.  It impressively manages to be legit heavy while having a soothing quality.  Strong cover to cover, with excellent "replayability". Check out "Before The Dawn":  Youngblood Supercult are from Topeka, Kansas.

BLACK LUNG: See The Enemy
I would call Black Lung an old-school rock band with a soft spot for heavy sounds.  Another high quality album, start to finish.  Here is "Priestess."  Black Lung are from Baltimore, Maryland.

SONORA RITUAL: Dust Monument
Germany's Sonora Ritual are truly talented musicians and songwriters.  I have played this album lots of times, and still find it interesting.  Here is "Departure:" (the name of one of my favorite Journey albums, back in the day)

GORILLA PULP: Peyote Queen
Viterbo, Italy's Gorilla Pulp deserves at very least a "best use of the talk box" award for the tune "Electric Woman".  Note that none of these recommendations are albums with just a couple of good tunes.  Here again, lots to appreciate here, including the awesome cover art.

NATIVE DAUGHTERS: Master Manipulator
Finishing up with Denver, Colorado's band Native Daughters.  Dual drum players gives this band a really distinctive quality.  Equally likely to be claimed by heavy metal and stoner rock crowds, Master Manipulator is as worthy as instrumental heavy music gets.  Check out one of my favorites, "Two Princes":  If you stick around and listen to the follow-up, "The UninVAlted", you will not be disappointed.

There's more.  I may continue this cornucopia post, because there's so much more music and so little time left in the calendar year.  But for now, although it can't be on the same level as my family and friends, I count Bandcamp as one of the things I am thankful for, as it brought all this great music to me this year.  Enjoy your deserved downtime.     -ULTRA

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