Friday, July 28, 2017

STONER ROCK #5 (Playlist)

This one's 31% Brant Bjork (2 Che, 2 Brant Bjork).  I was going through a real Brant Bjork phase when I made this playlist years ago, and have never really grown out of it.  Brant's music is just as important as Queens of The Stone Age in terms of Kyuss off-shoots, in my opinion.  Especially for the Che tunes, make sure you have it loud enough to hear the softer, secondary guitar track; definitely a key component to the band's unique sound.  Lots of other tasty tracks in this list as well, and if you have never heard the closing track "Starhammer" from Motorpsycho, this is mandatory listening.  

 I posted a quick "three-fer" of mini reviews below.  Catch you next weekend.

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