About This Blog

First off, many thanks for checking out this blog, supporting Heavy/Aggressive Music and for being curious about what the hell we're doing here.

Origin of the Blog

Ok, sorry Colt Cabana....Heavy Metal Textbooks is a lifestyle blog, an attitude and a place where WE cover aggressive music. Yes I said WE. For WE(ok, i'll stop) are a tight knit group of head bangers, vinyl collectors, former/present musicians and we have a lot to say about this music we love.
So take a journey with us as we spend way too much time indulging in a riff, a howl and spending our hard earned dollars to make YOU more knowledgeable about bands YOU should be listening to.

Enjoy the blog, share the posts and turn that volume knob(or just click that volume thing on your smart phone) up to as high as it goes.

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