Saturday, February 11, 2017

Greek Stoner Rock Two-Fer

Hearing Double: 
New Instrumental Greek Stoner Rock, Times Two

HAZY SEA: Electric Abyss
Released January 18th, this is really thoughtful and engaging instrumental rock.  Rocks hard like Karma To Burn, but covers lots of ground, like Pelican.  Only 4 euros (about $4.26)

Hope you dig , here.  Here's the opener, "Storm In My Head":

RUMBLE JAM: Redemption
Rumble Jam is more aggressive and heavy than Hazy Sea.  There's a little bit of a Pat Travers vibe, or a hint of Opeth from time to time, but no matter who it makes you think of, it is absolutely heavy instrumental music that does not get boring.  Again, only 4 euros; you know you want to.  Here is "King Mountain":

Greek stoner rock has always been a sure thing, but here are two new instrumental bands of equal quality to all the current greats.  
Hope you dig this half as much as I did...

Next Weekend...

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