Sunday, May 14, 2017

SEPULTURA: Machine Messiah
Put This In Your Top Three
It's been since January; I have got to speak up on this one; Sepultura is on another level from other metal bands; put this in your top three Sepultura albums, period.  And if you rate it number one, I respect your choice.  Talk is cheap;  First, all hail Andreas Kisser; Check out the instrumental "Iceberg Dances":
Next, hail the current Sepultura lineup.  This is some classic heavy metal right here; the attention to detail on this album is as thorough as could be.  Check out "Resistant Parasites":
ResistantParasite from Ultra Sounds on Vimeo.
The current Sepultura lineup is:
Derrick Green: Lead Vocals
Andreas Kisser: Guitars
Paulo Jr.: Bass
Eloy Casagrande: drums, percusssion (middle name should be 'bad-ass')

For all of you still comparing current Sepultura to the original lineup:  Give it up!!! Appreciate great metal when you hear it and enjoy your life!  This band lost Max Cavalera and continues to be one of the greatest metal bands of all time, despite the loss.  Don't really understand how you could say otherwise.  Don't agree?  Listen again, god-dammit!!!

Roots will probably always be my favorite Sepultura album, but Machine Messiah is probably my number 2, and I may have to go with "A-Lex" as my number three.

Had to go metal , but willreturn with some "stoner rock" next weekend; Over and out    -ULTRA

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