Saturday, May 6, 2017


Go get this sampler of bands on the Ripple Label right here; you will not be disappointed.  While not all the tunes are new, the free download is; released  on April 12th.  This compilation has caused me to appreciate what talent this record label has for finding great bands.  I have already purchased a couple of Gozu albums after hearing this (how did I not know about this band before?), and have several other bands scheduled for investigation based on what I am hearing on this album.  I enjoy every tune on this album, but here are a couple of highlights:  First, the Massachusetts-based band KIND, with "Pastrami Blaster".  KIND is comprised of members of the bands Elder, Black Pyramid, Roadsaw and Rozamov, a "Who's Who" of Massachusetts Heavy Stoner bands.  KIND manages to sound nothing like any of those bands, and has created its own spot in local stoner rock history:

Next, "Acid Reign" by Blackwulf:

"Bed of Ashes" by Sweat Lodge:
There are a couple of highly Sabbath-influenced tunes here, namely "Planet Doom" by The Judge, and "Blood Of The Fallen" by ZED.  Like I said, every tune on this compilation is worthy, and if I had typed this review up on a different day, I might have picked three entirely different tunes to showcase.  Anyhow, it's free.  Go download it and listen; what are you waiting for?  The worst thing that could happen is that you don't like a couple of tunes and you delete them (will have cost you nothing; and I refuse to think that you won't like any of the tunes.  If you are reading this blog and didn't end up here by accident, I know there is something on this album that will appeal to you.)
And in case you are wondering, I don't know anyone associated with this record label.  I got an e-mail from Bandcamp, saw 'free', took a listen, and have not stopped playing this album since.  
Have definitely got some more 2017 gold on tap for next weekend, until then I charge you with the mission of staying heavy.  ROCK ON

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