Saturday, May 20, 2017

Released Two Days Ago:

Bad-Ass Fuzz of the Highest Quality
I have heard some really good Mexican stoner rock bands, but these guys just jumped to the top of my list.  Every single tune on this album got 'favorited' in my library on the very first listen (except the brief interlude "Into the Maelstrom", which isn't really a tune but a nice little transition).  I'm going to describe Electric Mountain as Fu Manchu mixed with Possessor and a little bit of the Edgar Winter Group.  Much gratitude to "Cities On Flame" and "AD⚡AM" on Bandcamp for the heads up on this one.  

Check out the opener, "Free Woman": Check out Gibran opening a can of whoop-ass at around 2:40. 
 Now I'm going to recommend track 3, "Dune": At around 45 seconds, you should feel this band's prowess, and might see just a taste of my Edgar Winter reference (stronger elsewhere on this album however)

This is a "Name Your Price" album on Bandcamp but I am one of 35 people to date (you'll see me on there) who chose to throw these guys some cash out of appreciation for this masterpiece.  A band who chooses "name your price" is more than happy to let it go for free, but is hoping you'll spread the word, so do your part: grab the album here and share it with a couple of friends; this band deserves to be able to tour the world someday!
Electric Mountain is:
Gibran - Guitar and Vocals 
Max - Drums 
Jb - Bass

Can't promise this great a find next weekend, but I can promise I'll be back with something worthwhile.  Until then, stay heavy.    -ULTRA

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