Friday, April 28, 2017

Finally Getting Around To This One
I picked this up back in February when it came out, and it's another Horisont masterpiece.  For the uninitiated, if you heard Horisont without knowing who you were listening to, you'd most likely guess it's a band from the late 70's/early 80's, who possibly toured with the Joe Lynn Turner or Graham Bonnet edition of Rainbow.  I would be more specific and say that Horisont has created an authentic 1970's sound and combined it with early 1980's metal songwriting.  As I have mentioned several times, Swedish bands are champions of classic rock, and have a knack for sounding more authentic than the throwback bands they are inspired by.  Anyhow, there is no drop-off from 2015's epic "Odyssey".  "About Time" was worth the wait.  See for yourself on "The Hive", a cover tune described by the band like this: "This song was written by the worlds greatest songwriter Jimmy Webb and was originally performed by Richard Harris in 1969. We have always considered it to be a very interesting piece and it was a huge challenge for us to make it our own. The song came out absolutely awesome which just goes to show that a good song is a good song, whatever style you decide to play it in."  

That was track #1 on "About Time" and here is #2, "Electrical", with the an official video:  

I am also partial to "Letare" and the title track, "About Time" from this album.  
Horisont is:
Axel – Vocals
Charles – Guitar
David – Guitar
Magnus – Bass
Pontus – Drums

Throwbacks, right down to Axel's glasses.  Horisont is playing in Somerville on Tuesday, tickets here.

Catch up with you again next weekend; thanks to Grownman for letting me post as I please;  This is truly appreciated.  Over and out      -ULTRA

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