Friday, May 26, 2017

I Got Your 1970's Right Here
2017: 1970's Sympathizer
Check out these 1970's-inspired tunes, released in the current calendar year.  If you've got about 14 minutes, I've got three tunes that  if you close your eyes, will have you wearing your Foghat t-shirt and your knee-high tube socks before you can say WCOZ.  I am proud of the flow of this playlist, and hope you will hear it the way I do. 

70s Today from Ultra Sounds on Vimeo.
I have reviewed each of these bands within the last couple of months.  Hope you will spread the word on these awesome bands if you have not done so already.  
Over and out;  Back next weekend with some more stoner rock; until then, check out Grownman's posts; Over and out     -ULTRA

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