Saturday, June 3, 2017


The video for "Seemingly Endless Time" was my first introduction to Death Angel back in 1990, and I soon owned this as well as their previous two releases, "Ultra-Violence" and "Frolic Through The Park".  Act III expanded my metal horizons a bit, and  to this day I consider Act III of my favorite metal albums, period.  I maintain that Rob Cavestany has created some of the most tasteful solos in the history of heavy metal. My introduction to Death Angel, on MTV "back in the day"; sound quality not the best, but the tune certainly is:
Here's the absolutely seething "Disturbing the Peace", with a simply awesome opener and truly inventive song development while maintaining a raw aggressiveness the whole way through:

"Discontinued" has the band showing off their musical prowess.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers had just released "Mothers Milk", which had a lot of folks thinking they were as talented a rock band as had ever been.  Dennis Pepa shows he can do what Flea does, and the whole band really flexes their muscles with some inventive songwriting here; can you say "tight"?
Now here is the album finisher, "Falling Asleep" with a disturbing take on "Rockabye Baby".  This band is so good, and "Act III" may still be their most masterfully produced.  I put my Megadeth and Metallica albums on the back burner for quite awhile when this album came out, and no tune symbolizes why more than this one:

I love every single tune on this album.  "Veil of Deception" is probably the heaviest acoustic tune there has ever been; I think any decent band could cover this tune and maintain its heaviness, which speaks to the quality of the songwriting.  "Room With A View" is another great with probably the highest commercial appeal on the album.  

Death Angel was formed in the San Francisco Bay area (home of Metallica), in the 1980's by four cousins, all of Filipino descent:

Rob Cavestany (lead guitar, backing vocals)
Dennis Pepa (bass and original lead vocalist)
Gus Pepa (rhythm guitar)
Andy Galeon (drums)
Mark Osegueda is on vocals for Act III as well as for every album the band has released.

I was in the mood for a metal post this weekend.  Hope it has brought back some fond memories for you.  I am adding Act III to my commuting playlist this week because it has rekindled a fire from my twenties.  I will return to posting something current next weekend; 2017 is proving to be a giant when it comes to Stoner Rock.  Until then!

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