Monday, May 22, 2017

Quick Review - Rumors of Free Lunch just dropped a new EP

Rumors of Free Lunch just dropped their EP "Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back". This EP immediately reminds me of the days when I'd feverishly raid bargain bins at my favorite record stores for some underground punk or metal cd. I'd hop in my car, rip off the shrink wrap and toss it into my detachable faced cd player. This is a quick, heavy and fun ripper. I totally dig the drums which were all performed by Caricature vocalist, guitarist, jack of all trades, Joseph Spiller. Joseph also takes his clean style vocals and whips them up into a mcflurry of fun and distortion. Between Greg Kennelty's speedy old school meets new school riff/bass hooks and Spiller's DIY production it almost sounds like they could be the younger (far less inebriated) brother of Arson Anthem. If you're like me, a fan of punk that ranges from classic Black Flag to a more current fave, Every Time You Die, you'll find plenty to toss a can of your favorite lager at the bathroom door to. Punk isn't dead, you just have to keep your ear out for when it comes around once in awhile. Good job Dudes!

Rumors of Free Lunch are:
Greg Kennelty – Guitar, Bass
Joseph Spiller – Vocals, Drums

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