Saturday, April 22, 2017

This Review Couldn't Wait
See self-description from the band's Facebook page; Perfect analysis:

"Mix the early eras of Zeppelin, Kiss, Black Sabbath, James Gang, and Grand Funk Railroad. Add a healthy sprinkle of resinous dust from obscure bands like Sir Lord Baltimore, Bang, Cactus, Pentagram, Leaf Hound, and Captain Beyond. Roll mixture in over-sized papers and smoke while cruising on a Friday night in a Camaro...the resulting aroma is SKUNK." 

This band clearly listens to everything I did growing up, and has put a fresh take on all of it;  Skunk's Doubleblind is the quintessential Stoner Rock album of the decade in my book, and if this is not number one on my best of 2017 list at the end of the year, then 2017 will have been a truly historic year.  It's release on 4/20 was no accident, and every single tune is worthy of your attention.  
I am going to post three here, as opposed to my usual two for a new album.  Much respect:  

Here's the opener, "Forest Nymph":

Now, "Harvest Queen":

Lastly, "Devil Weed":

To cement the connection I feel to this band, I had this blacklight poster on my bedroom wall growing up
Here's a pic I found on Skunk's Facebook page:

Skunk is from Oakland, California, and consists of:
John McKelvy - Vocals
Dmitri Mavra - Guitar
Erik Pearson - Guitar
Matt Knoth - Bass
Jordan Ruyle - Drums

Found this tonight, and was tired and pressed for time.  But I love this so much I can't in good conscience wait till next weekend to share.  Best thing I've downloaded in quite some time and I hope some of you find this release as important as I do.  

We ought to be seeing a *#@!load of May flowers pretty soon after all this rain; 
Am really leaving this time; until next weekend   -ULTRA

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  1. thanks for the killer review - glad you dig!
    cheers, skunk