Thursday, April 20, 2017

Monsterpiece Theater

BIOHAZARD: Uncivilization

Let's look at one of the classics this week.  I threw this album on my playlist this week and the perfection and genius of this album was renewed for me, and I just had to share.  If you have been a  metalhead for this entire milennium, you probably own this album.  I owned this on cassette, and played it to the death.  Definitely my favorite Biohazard album to this day.  Lots of guest artists, but 100% Biohazard through and through; nobody took over any tune.  Rather, each guest artist was a contributor to a Biohazard masterpiece.  Every single tune on this album is a classic, but here are a few of my favorites.  
Here is "Plastic": "I am the voice of hate.  You're so fuckin' fake..."
And now "Trap":
And "Domination":
"Last Man Standing": 

I will NOT argue that these four tunes are better than any others on this album; Uncivilization is a "posterchild" for perfection in a metal album.  I've got a couple of really cool new albums to share, but listening to Uncivilization this week made me feel the need to remind you all of how awesome this album was (and still is).  New stuff next weekend.   -ULTRA

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