Friday, December 2, 2016

OP/ED - FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH DRAMA - One frontman implodes while another makes the Save!

At a recent Massachusetts FFDP show, frontman Ivan Moody acted strange, left the stage several times and at one point explained his behavior as grieving over his mom being ill and on her death bed. A day or say later, after his sister confirmed his mom was fine and Moody tried explaining away the incident as a mental breakdown similar to Kanye West, the band has picked up ATR's frontman Phil Labonte to carry out the rest of their dates.

I'm not a fan of FFDP. I am a fan of ATR and Phil Labonte. This is not the first time Phil has stepped in for a band that was in the middle of frontman drama. Several years ago, Killswitch Engage found themselves without a vocalist, when Howard Jones left the band to deal with personal issues. As a KSE fan, I was happy to see him save the day so I can only imagine for those who are FFDP fans what they are going through.

Mental illness is a big issue and so is addiction. We see daily cases of people completely losing it. FFDP has had issues for years and are a popular band in some circles. A few years back, the band left the front man to fend for himself during a drunken rant. This isn't Ivan Moody's first rodeo. I'm sure there is alot of money involved getting tours together and I'm sure that there were many in the band as well as the crew wanting their lead singer to get help.........

I was gonna offer some support as a NON Fan that the band needs encouragement and good words.....but I'm not. The band is a vapid waste of space. It engages in "tough guy" vitriol and supports a dumbed down philosophy akin to drunkenly fist fighting your step sister outside the local watering hole.  Ivan Moody lying to his fans to scapegoat his own bullshit behavior is the lowest level a musician can stoop to. To stand in front of a crowd to lie about his mother dying and that he's sacrificing his personal time to try to perform for his fans just shows how much of an asshole this guy really is.

As a fan of ATR and Phil, I'm not gonna crap on his effort or his personal feelings about the band. I only hope that FFDP and it's fans learn a big lesson from this. It's now up to Moody to regain the trust of his fans and his band when or if he ever pulls his head out of his own ass.

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