Saturday, November 19, 2016

THE WELL: Pagan Science
A Really Special Album
If you like your music heavy with a touch of psychedelic, then you need to get this album.  Coolest album I've picked up in a long time.  This trio from Austin Texas are truly gifted songwriters, and expert musicians.  There is so much attention to detail in this album, along with a variety of hard-rock sounds and distinctive vocal harmonization.  Every single tune will have you head-nodding while you listen, and each tune brings something different to the table.  The transitioning from song to song on this album if you just play it cover to cover, is as smooth as it gets.  Here is the opening track, "Black Eyed Gods".

In sports, going from first to last sucks, but in music it can be awesome; After hearing the opening tune, check out the closer, "I Don't Believe".
 The Well is:
Ian Graham: Guitar, Vocals
Lisa Alley: Bass, Vocals
Jason Sullivan: Drums

Back next week, but feel compelled to end my review of Pagan Science with the word wow.

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