Saturday, October 22, 2016

NIGHTSTALKER: as above, so below
(sweet artwork by Vagelis Petikas)

Heavyweight Champions Return
Nightstalker is Stoner Rock Royalty in my book.  Tolis Motsios and Andreas Lagios, on guitar and bass, have one of the coolest stoner rock sounds there has ever been, making Nightstalker one of my favorite bands.  They have returned with even more "tricks" up their sleeve, with several tunes having creative detours, creating some of the most memorable grooves of the year. They blend these detours flawlessly with the main body of the tune.  
"Space Matter" is a good example of a tune that might not seem special if you are only half-listening, but has so much to offer if you give it your attention.  See for yourself:
Here's another one that has more going on than is apparent at first; this is "My Electric Head":
Nightstalker is from Athens, Greece.  They are:
Argy : Vocals, 
Andreas Lagios: Bass 
Tolis Motsios: Guitars 

Dinos Roulos: Drums
Go check this one out on Bandcamp: as above so below

Until next time     -ULTRA

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