Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Grownman's Fast Finds - October

Welcome back folks to another edition of Grownman's Fast Finds. It's a grab bag of heavy for just about anybody. Roll up your sleeves, turn your stereo up and get ready to see the chiropractor for an adjustment after you cut through all of these tracks. Happy head banging!

Rheia by Oathbreaker
SUPER POWERFUL, Female lead vocals, crazy ass tempos, dark and heavy.

1312 by Dopethrone
This is grind your teeth metal of the dope smoking vein. For a band named after an Electric Wizard album, they deliver a good source of your daily satanic strain.  I enjoy the look of the albums artwork, it immediately grabbed my attention. I also really enjoy the few sound bytes they use throughout these three tracks. This album is short but it'll make you feel like you consumed an unhealthy amount of edibles on a train ride to hell.
March on Gravitation by FROMHELL
I covered FromHell's last album on the blog a few years ago. Great to hear bands from areas like Indonesia combining traditional black metal with their own native elements. There is a nice mix hellacious screetches and clean singing choruses throughout "Summoning Stars". I honestly can't wait til this full album drops. Lots of energy. "Summoning Stars" is available to stream now on Bandcamp.

ALieNation by Blackning
Definitely feeling a combination of chaos a.d. era Sepultura and the modern cavalera conspiracy sound on this album. Quite a pedigree to emulate. The vocals are a strange cross between Max Cavalera and Early Hatebreed Jamey Jasta, can't go wrong with that combo. But Blackning are far from copycats, they toss in some great straight up rock and roll moments that keep this from truly descending into just another Brazilian thrash outfit. Definitely a fresh album.

RattBlack by RattBlack
A true skate thrash album that even includes a guest appearance by Pro Skateboarder Geoff Rowley.
Hard charging tunes that remind me of the mid 80's thrash before the crossover took effect. Some great riffing on par with Kirk Hammet at his peak. As the album unfolds you realize how great these guys are at playing their instruments. Was definitely not expecting this caliber of playing on a skate thrash record.

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