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Tricks & Treats - Heavy Metal Textbooks Halloween Grab Bag of Cool Sh*t and What not!!!

Vintage Ben Cooper Masks on EBAY  - Best place to find those plastic masks and vinyl costumes that used to come in a box. You know the ones with the elastic strap that would break as you left your door step and the improperly cut eye holes that would leave scratches on your face by the end of the night.

Halloween Themed Albums & Recommended Releases From 2016

Korn - The Serenity of Suffering - (2016) Great new album, a recharged effort by the masters of heavy chugs and screams that'll help you burn off some of that "punch"served out of a crystal skull your neighbors husband always kicks up a notch with cheap vodka.

Son of Sam - Self Titled - Epic and underrated album, perfect halloween themes by the AFI frontman.

Misfits - American Psycho - Graves era Misfits in their prime

Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses - Clove cigarrette scented goodness. RIP Peter Steele

Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways To Die - (2016) A 2 song single that includes a great collection of live tracks from the Florida Death Metal Legends.

Eight Bells - Landless - (2016) You'll be dwelling in the nether regions of your mind during this album. Like the comedown after a handful of snacksized almond joys you've pilfered from your kids goodie bag.


10 Awesome Flicks Streaming for Free

Rob Dimension - Three tremendous short films by an indie master of the macabre available online.
(Below Rob describes each flick in his own words. Definitely check these out! All Available Now, Click the title of the movie to view on his channel.)

1. "Baggage was a great film to work on and was, honestly, my homage to Alfred Hitchcock. I wanted to create the feeling of reliving an episode of The Twilight Zone. 

2. Up next is the hyper surreal film, Rabbit Hole. Described as a blend of the classic Wizard of Oz and the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this tale is something straight out of a drug induced dream. Rabbit Hole, while a metaphor to many, can take on a very real meaning to others. Dottie awakens to find her daughter is missing, her panic and worst nightmares are brought to reality.

3. Last but not least, our last recommendation is the film that started it all for us,
No Clowning Around. In reality, I was struggling with real life depression. This was a way for me to express my thoughts and what I was going through, emotionally. My feeling of being lost. When you watch this, know that Mumbles the Clown, is me. I look at this as a sad story, a story that is so personal but many look at Mumbles as a hero. I appreciate that. I hope you enjoy!" - (excerpted from Rob's website)"


TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE II (available on CRACKLE) - The best of the series in my humble opinion. Dennis Hopper armed with chainsaws acting bat shit crazy and plenty of wonderful one liners by your favorite cannibals. Turn the tv volume up and scare the crap out of your neighbors all night long.


The Unnameable - (Youtube) My favorite of all horror creatures is the monster from this movie. The look and sounds that come from this creature are haunting. Plus it's based on an HP Lovecraft tale.


Chopping Mall - (Youtube) - Thanks to a recent post by Rob Dimension, I forgot all about this mid 80's horror flick and yes it's free to check out on Youtube.


Mute Witness - (Youtube) - One of my all time favorite movies. This is a thriller with some horror mixed in. Plays out very much like the best of Alfred Hitchkocks movies.

8. Garfield's Halloween Adventure

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - I know, I know..but the music and this old cartoon bring back awesome memories of Halloween. "Candy, Candy, Candy"

9. Duel

Duel - (Youtube) -  the classic thriller by Stephen Spielberg, screen written by Richard Matheson(I Am Legend author). My father's favorite flick that I recall watching with him when I was a kid. Still holds up and is the inspiration for many movies.

10. The Thing

The Thing - (Crackle) -  This horror sci-fi thriller by John Carpenter is a masterpiece. As a kid watching this and cringing at the malformed beasts in this film, I gained an appreciation for Horror movies. Make sure to wrap yourself in your favorite blankets as this movie will chill you to the bone. Crackle is definitely one upping Netflix this month with it's great horror (ad free) selections.

5 Haunted & Interesting Places
(Growing up in New England we've always heard of some really spooky places. I decided to share some of my favorites. I've also added some links that you can follow for more info.)

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast
1. Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast - Fall River, MA - Lizzie Borden is easily one of the most recognizable names when it comes to murder in the early 1900's. A case that eventually absolved Lizzie of murdering her father and stepmother took place in New Bedford. Lizzie eventually lived out the rest of her life in Fall River leaving her remaining wealth to the upkeep of her father's grave and the local pet society. You can rent a room at the Bed & Breakfast, I can't guarantee you'll be alone.

Bridgwater Triangle
2. Bridgewater Triangle - Aliens, headless native americans, extinct dinosaurs and various apparitions have been spotted by well known politicians and local news reporters here. I definitely don't recommend treading these woods alone or at night.

3. Hoosac Tunnel - North Adams, MA -  Tales of lost souls and ghost trains have been talked about for ages when it comes to this tunnel in Western Mass. Another one of those places I'd highly suggest not wandering in at night or alone. Best bet is to find a local historian or meet up group before taking this one on……the voices of lost souls have been heard for ages

A Babson Rock
4. Dogtown - Gloucester, MA/Rockport, MA - I once read a good part of a book about this forgotten settlement. It was a story about the murder of a young women who used to run through this wooded area. One of the last inhabitants of the original settlement was Thomazine "Tammy" Younger aka "Queen of the Witches" who would often cast spells on oxen carts carrying fish unless she was paid a toll. Roger Babson, grandson of John J. Babson (author of a book on the history of Gloucester), commissioned stone cutters to carve inspirational sayings all through Dogtown during the Great Depression. Many of the 36 stones still remain.

5. Anawan Rock - Rehoboth, MA - I was raised in the town of Swansea where King Phillips war initially began when several homes were set ablaze by a local Native American Tribe over land rites. At the tale end of the war, King Phillip had been killed and one of his remaining followers Anawan took to swamp land in Rehoboth (not far from Swansea). Taking to swampland was both tactical and spiritual for the Algonquins as they believed in the Hobbomok, a deity who brought both harm and the strength of invulnerability to weapons. Eventually Anawan would surrender with the promise the he wouldn't be executed. Unfortunately for Anawan, he would be beheaded on route to Plymouth where his head would be placed on a pike for years to come. Many believe the wronged spirits of the natives still inhabit the Anawan Rock where he made his last stand. Phantom fires and voices that sound as if they are speaking in Algonquin dialect have been heard in the vicinity of the rock. While not clearly mapped out as other rocks in the area have been (see dighton rock) with a little investigation you will be able to find it. The following link may help.

Alas, we come to a close, we are one day out from the little ghosts and goblins taking to the streets to collect their various treasures. I hope that you enjoy this article and it allows you to plan a trip to a haunted place or a record store to pick up one of the several new/classic cd's I highlighted. I believe the spirit of halloween lives in all of us and although for most folks there is only one day a year that they can don black clothing and face paint…we metal heads know that's our every day choice of attire if we wish. Stay metal, stay safe, don't take any wooden nickels and enjoy some of that candy when the kids go to bed.

p.s. enjoy those free flicks, no red box fees or netflix subscription needed.

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