Friday, October 14, 2016

A Quick Take - Korn First Four Videos for Upcoming "The Serenity of Suffering"

 A quick take on "The Serenity of Suffering"

Korn recently released four videos for their next album "The Serenity of Suffering". Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis has been quoted as saying, "I always thought this was the album that’s in the same vein as ‘Untouchables‘, ’cause that’s my favorite Korn record in totality."
After hearing the first four tracks, I have to agree, they are as heavy and contemplative as some of my favorite tracks(Here to Stay, I alone..etc) on the underrated "Untouchables" album. As a fan of their last album, "Paradigm Shift", which I felt was a perfect combination of their early aggressive sound mixed with a more focused outlook on catchy hooks/choruses, I see a lot of similarities to their approach on this upcoming album. Insane and Rotting in Vein are heavy tracks that incorporate Davis' signature skat vocalizations while a mid tempo Different World has a really nice guest vocal drop from none other than Corey Taylor of Slipknot. So far the weakest of the four tracks released so far is Take Me. A song that has sonically powerful moments yet lacks the depth of the three other tracks.
"The Serenity of Suffering" will be released on October 21th.

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