Friday, September 30, 2016

This album stuck its teeth into me faster than a cobra.  Raunchy, quick-moving tunes that seem to have borrowed a tiny piece from just about every metal band I ever liked.  The vocals are intentionally obscured, which somehow adds to the spooky evil vibe the band creates.  Grownman turned me on to Possessor back in 2014 with this post on the band's Electric Hell album.
The cover art pulled me in and the music made me stay.  One of the things I appreciate the most about Possessor is that they keep the ideas moving, and avoid any chance of monotony.  Here is the lead track, "Afterburner."  What a cool opener.
Every track is worthy, but here's one that really shows where the band has progressed since the last album.  This is "Slaughter High."
Dead By Dawn is a must have if you liked these tracks; there are seven more, just as cool.
Possessor is:
Keep it heavy; until next weekend.

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