Friday, October 14, 2016

1000 MODS: Repeated Exposure To...
"Repeated Exposure To..." has earned 1000 Mods a promotion from cool stoner band to great stoner band.  I've always liked 1000 Mods' other releases, but this is the one I've been waiting for.  It represents their best songwriting, production and overall cohesiveness to date.  Really professional, sincere and energetic rock with a heavy fuzz sound.
Check these tunes out;  Here's "A.W.".  I love the way it finishes, starting around 3:30.
And the opener, "Above 179."
 By the way, 1000 Mods' first release, the "Liquid Sleep" EP from 2009, is available for free on Bandcamp.  Check out the Sabbathy beginning to the first track, "Burnt Sleep." Also note how far the band has come since then.

1000 Mods is from Chiliomodi, Greece.  They are:
- Dani G. / Bass & Vox
- Giannis S. / Guitars
- George T. / Guitars
- Labros G. / Drums

Hope you enjoyed; more top-shelf Greek stoner rock next weekend.  Until then!

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