Friday, August 12, 2016


These Two Won't Stay Down
I gave both of these a brief review in a past post, but probably didn't do them enough justice because neither will sit peaceably.  Each is shuffling forward, intending to inflict more auditory destruction.  Check it out:

CHURCH OF MISERY: "and then there were none..."
Bassist Tatsu Mikami is the only original member remaining in the band, but with the new lineup of Scott Carlson on vocals, David Szulkin on guitar and Eric Little on drums & percussion, Church of Misery has turned the corner and gone from awesome to elite.  This album is about as destructive as the killers it is written about, and is true metal perfection.
Here is track 2, "Make Them Die Slowly".  It is about John George Haigh (pictured below), a British serial killer from the 1940's who dissolved his victims' bodies in sulphuric acid before forging papers and selling their possessions.
DieSlowly from Ultra Sounds on Vimeo.

SON OF A WITCH: "Thrones In The Sky"
Brazil's Son Of A Witch has put out such an impressive debut album, it's scary to think of how great this band will be years from now.  Band members Ling Lizzard on vocals, Psychedelic Monk and Gila Monster on guitars, Old Goat on bass, and Asteroid Mammoth on drums have put out a heavy metal masterpiece on their first try.  Fifty Eight minutes of slowly developing but relentless riffs, with really well thought out movements within each tune, if you are patient enough to let them develop.  This album puts on a clinic on how metal should be done.  Frequently compared to Egypt, who I really like, these guys are way better. Here is the album's closer, "Jupiter Cosmonaut:" Stick with this one and you will be rewarded.  

You can purchase "and then there were none..." here:Church of Misery on Rise Above Records, and "Thrones In The Sky" here: Son Of A Witch on Bandcamp

Going to be away next weekend, but will scout out something cool to post when I get back.  
Over and out   -ULTRA

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