Saturday, August 6, 2016

SALEM'S POT: Pronounce This!
Another Swedish Stoner Rock Masterpiece

This just in: Swedish drinking water has been found to contain extraordinarily high levels of the element Rocknrollium.  This explains why so many bands from Sweden have simply mastered rock and roll, from folk rock to death metal and everything in between.  SO many of my best albums are by Swedish artists, and now here's another one.  

Mix some Pentagram, Alice Cooper, Blood Ceremony and Gabriele-Fiori style space rock, and you've got something close to Salem's Pot.  "Pronounce This!" is really hard to categorize however, because it covers so much ground musically.  Six tracks, averaging about 8 minutes 12 seconds apiece, with none of them feeling too long and each making you want more.  I could consult the thesaurus and try to find words to pin this one down, but listening is just a superior way to asimilate any album.  Check out the lead track, "Tranny Takes A Trip":

Here's another that's sure to be considered among most listeners' favorites: "Coal Mind":

These guys seem to prefer being mysterious to being known individually.  This is the only list of band members I could find:
There are few instances when you can get this much awesome for $7; "Pronounce This!" on sale at Bandcamp here: Salem's Pot on Bandcamp 

As you probably know, I considered 2015 to be a historically good year when it comes to Stoner Rock, but 2016 is catching up.  Rock on, stay heavy and everything that goes along with that.  Until next weekend   -ULTRA

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