Thursday, December 10, 2015

Killswitch Engage premiere "Strength of the Mind" video off upcoming album!

KSE will be dropping a new album in Spring 2016 off Roadrunner Records. This is the first video for the track "Strength of the Mind" off that album. I'm pretty stoked, the band sounds like they are diversifying their sound on this track. It's not quite as in your face as most of the songs off their last album. It does have a nice groove and all of the elements of KSE's sound are still intact. I'll have to listen to this a dozen more times til it's familiar with my ears. That's when I fully start to understand the music and appreciate the newness of a KSE album. The last album kicked major ass. I was able to check them out last tour and they are one of the tightest sounding bands to hear live out there.

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