Friday, December 4, 2015

Fra Verdens Ende, "MIRAKLER & LÆNGSEL"

 Best Freebie of 2015, Hands Down

I’m proud of this find.  Name your price on Bandcamp for this stoner rock gem.  Real genuine, heavy & trippy rock.  Their guitar sound reminds me a little bit of Queens of the Stone Age’s “Rated R” album, but  a bit heavier and more psychedelic. 

Here’s their Bandcamp bio:  “We are from the World’s End – Where ever that is? …We like stoner rock, old school metal, and everything made in the 70’s.  We are DIY …And we use Danish lyrics …Listen Loud”

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m usually not too wordy, since I like to let the tunes do the talking.  Just trying to spread the awesome.  Hope you enjoy, download and share with someone else!

Here are two of my favorites:  First “Mirakler”, the first tune I heard from this album, and then “Siger Ingenting”, which may be my favorite.

Can't find any info on the band members other than their first names:
Cluas, Leiner and Sebastian

Let's spread the word on these guys and make sure they become a permanent fixture in the stoner rock scene.

Over and Out!!!   -ULTRA

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