Sunday, December 13, 2015

2015: The Giving Year


"And after a long time the boy came back again.  'I am sorry boy,' said 2015, 'but I have nothing to give you-  My apples are gone.  'My teeth are too weak for apples' said the boy.  'my branches are gone,' said 2015.  'You cannot swing on them-'  'I am too old to swing on branches,' said the boy.  'My trunk is gone,' said 2015.  'You cannot climb-'  'I am too tired to climb,' said the boy.  'I am sorry,' sighed 2015.  'I wish that I could give you something...but I have nothing left.  I am just an old stump.  I am sorry....'  'I don't need very much now,' said the boy, 'just a butt-load of great stoner rock.  I am very tired of mediocre rock music.'  'Well,' said 2015, straightening up, 'an old stump is good for a seemingly endless supply of great stoner rock.  Come, Boy, sit down.  Sit down and listen.' "

-bastardized quote from Shel Silverstein's classic story

2015 has given me so much, including several albums which are among my favorites of all time.  There are so many more 2015 albums I like but have never gotten around to reviewing, and I'm sure there are several classics put out this year that I will discover after the fact.  Before the year ends, here are several cool 2015 releases that I have meant to review:

Here's Rotor, an awesome, technically proficient instrumantal band from Berlin.  This is the opening track from their new album "Fünf"

Now it's "Massive Suicide Machine", from Slowbot's new EP "Pacifier For The Mind."  Slowbot is from Paris.  You can download this album for free on Bandcamp

Next is "I Want You," from Godsleep's album "Thousand Sons Of Sleep."  Godsleep is from Athens.

Next, "Bottom Of The River", from the band Ponamero Sundown.  This band excels is songwriting, putting on a riff clinic.  They do everything well, and are from Stockholm.

Now it's "Strangers In Our Own Time", from Mirror Queen's new release, "Scaffolds Of The Sky." Mirror Queen doesn't sound like Blue Oyster Cult, but I maintain that BOC is the perfect anoalogy for them.  Unusual and  distinctive, Mirror Queen takes a few listens to fully appreciate.  If you are impatient, skip to about 4:40 and hear truly masterful soloing by Kenny Kreisor.  Mirror Queen is from New York City, and this album is put out by TeePee Records, who also released The Atomic Bitchwax's "Gravitron."  What a year for TeePee Records!

Lastly, and definitely the weirdest band of the bunch, is Leeches of Lore, with "Noah's Soul (Is Burning)", from their new album "Motel Of Infinity."  Leeches of Lore transitions from punk band to metal band to lounge act faster than you can say "WTF."  They are certainly an acquired taste, but if you have already acquired a taste for this band, you will not be disappointed by the new album.  The Leeches are from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

2015 has given so much, I could keep on going, but I have to sleep.  Hope I've turned you on to something you were unfamiliar with; that's my goal, every post.  Rock out and rock on; I'm out until next weekend!  -ULTRA

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