Saturday, October 17, 2015

Electric Magma: Silverball


 Newest Electric Magma Album Delivers

 Toronto's Electric Magma has been doing its thing since 2003.  They have a very distinctive sound: instrumental music with a groove, that's heavy on the bass, heavy on the wah, with seamless tight drumming (the band is on its fourth drummer, but Tryg and Tim have remained a constant on bass and guitar).  You will find some vocals on a couple of their earlier albums, but Electric Magma consistently delivers instrumental music that hooks you in early and provides enough variety in each tune to keep you engaged.  The band's website recommends you drink a beer while listening, and I would agree that Electric Magma is great beer-drinkin' music.

Here is "Solenoid Kicker", one of my favorites from the new album.  Give this one some volume:

Now here are the opening tracks, Silverball and Tad.  They were meant to be played consecutively, and here they are.

Electric Magma has quite an extensive discography, and if you like what you are hearing you will not be disappointed in any of the band's prior releases.  Most of them can be downloaded digitally for $5 here:  (click on "Media").  Some can be ordered on CD and vinyl for more money (Canadian Samurai II can be ordered only on vinyl).

Electric Magma  is:

Tryg Smith: Bass
Tim Reesor: Guitars
Neil Lukewich-Pheaton: Drums

That's all for this week;  stay heavy   -ULTRA

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