Friday, November 6, 2015

Belzebong's "Greenferno"

BELZEBONG: Greenferno

A Diabolical Dopenosis

I decided to go with a heavy album this week since Grownman's been tied up.  Belzebong sits exactly halfway between stoner rock and heavy metal, in my opinion.  It is plodding, powerful, unrelenting music with a guitar sound that manages to be reminiscent of the 1970's while retaining a modern day metal crunch.

The title of the opening track, "A Diabolical Dopenosis", is a really bad-ass name, and the tune lives up to its title.  Here it is

and here's "Undertoker:"

I am not in the mood for this type of music very often, but when I am, Belzebong, Ufomammut and Electric Wizard are my three top choices. 

Belzebong is:
Cheesy dude: Guitars
Sheepy dude: Bass
Alky dude: Guitars
Hexy dude: Drums
Boogey dude: Visuals

SO much great new music being released right now; I am overwhelmed.  Will be real tough to decide which album to review next, but one way or another, new review next week.

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