Sunday, September 27, 2015

Snail: Feral

SNAIL: Feral

 SNAIL: Heavy Psych, Lubricated With Mucus

                Seattle-based Snail first surfaced in 1992, released an album and proceeded to fall apart as a band.  About 15 years later, they reunited and released Blood on Meteor City Records.  Feral (on Small Stone Records) makes the band’s third classic stoner rock album in a row. Snail has a truly unique sound, which includes heavy, psychedelic fuzz guitar tones and  sleepy, subtly harmonized vocals.  You can get Feral, along with the previous two classics Terminus and Blood right here through bandcamp:

Here is “Smoke The Deathless”:

Now here’s the opening track “Building A Haunted House.”  It has been around for a couple of years, since it was released on Heavy Planet’s 100-track free compilation download,”Bong Hits From The Astral Basement,” filled with tracks provided by the particpant bands themselves.  If interested, get it here:  

You may recall I posted Snail's video for "Galaxies' Lament", off the Terminus album back on Superbowl weekend.  If you missed it, look 

Snail is:

Marty Dodson:  Drums
Mark Johnson:  Lead Vocals & Guitar
Matt Lynch:  Bass and Vocals

That's all for this week;  stay heavy   -ULTRA

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