Friday, September 25, 2015

LOTD! Type O Negative - World Coming Down

Can you feel it? The temps are slowly dropping and the green in the foliage is starting to fade into the annual autumn palette. Peter Steele's voice and fall go hand in hand. World Coming Down is as beautifully depressing as you will find throughout Type O Negative's catalogue. This album is the turning point for the band where they are less gothy and much more reality based in their depressing subject matter. This song delves into the sadness of losing people you care about. For a band that always wore it's heart on it's sleeve and it's tongue firmly planted in its cheek, I'd consider this one of their more serious albums. There are some very fresh wounds to explore on this that were not evident in their past albums. I was fortunate to see the band up close and personal about a year before Steele's passing. It still doesn't feel real. He was a man that was much larger than even the shadows he cast. rip Peter Steele, bring on the Fall

"Everything Dies"

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