Saturday, August 8, 2015

ORCHID: Sign of the Witch
Get Out Your 3-D Glasses

In addition to “Extended Player”, EP apparently stands for “Extra Psychedelic.”  The red/blue glasses 3-D cover art is a cool touch that hints at this from the start.  Orchid’s latest release has four tunes, and they are all on the more trippy side of the spectrum.  Once again however, this band has put out a flawless masterpiece of old-school heaviness. 

There are some who discredit Orchid as a Sabbath rip-off.  While Orchid is clearly inspired by Black Sabbath, and some of their songs seem to be inspired by specific Sabbath tunes, Orchid is no Sabbath rip-off.  What makes Orchid so special is that they have managed to create a truly authentic Black Sabbath Sound (from the first five albums mainly) while maintaining truly inspired and fresh songwriting.  Black Sabbath means so much to everyone reading this blog, and here we have a band with a fresh take on that sound.  Orchid brings energy to a sound that has been sorely lacking in today’s music scene.  They have released a total 27 tunes amongst their albums by my count, and not a one is anything less than sincere and inspired.  I swear Orchid haters would complain about a freakin’ birthday cake. 

Orchid is one of my favorite bands.  I would love to get the opportunity to see them live.  If the vids on YouTube are any indication, they are great in concert.  Anyhow, here are a couple of “Official Videos.”  First is the title track from the new EP, “Sign of the Witch.”

Now if you already like Orchid, go check out the rest of the EP.  The other tunes are greater than or equal to this one.  But if you're new to Orchid, you need to check out "Capricorn", their most well-known tune.  The vocals make me think of "The Thrill Of It All" from Sabbath's "Sabotage" but the tune is cleverly woven from other influences.  Mark Thomas Baker, Orchid's guitar player, although he is unashamed of his love for Tony Iommi, says "my main influence as far as what I do today really comes from being heavily into Jimmy Page."

Orchid is:
  • Theo Mindell - vocals, synthesizer, percussion
  • Mark Thomas Baker - guitars
  • Keith Nickel - bass
  • Carter Kennedy - drums

Back next weekend; stay heavy in the meantime and check out Grownman's posts.  -ULTRA

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