Monday, August 10, 2015

Soulfly debuts title track "Archangel"

Hey folks, this is the title track off the upcoming Soulfly album "Archangel". Soulfly has continued to get more extreme on each album and this is no exception. Am I digging it? I'm kinda worn out by this sound actually. It's becoming much more difficult to differentiate between the Cavalera Conspiracy and Soulfly. Throw in some of the side projects/bands Max has been involved in and they all seem to blend into each other. Maybe it's too much output in a short amount of time. This is Soulfly's tenth album and I would say I'm a solid fan of nearly half of them. While I enjoy the heaviness and the textures that get thrown in, it all starts to sound the same after awhile. I find myself not listening to newer Soulfly albums as much as my favorite from them. Haven't listened to the other tracks, if my mind changes I'll drop a review. For now, I'm just gonna keep my ears out for music from bands, artists who don't drop several albums a year.

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