Friday, August 7, 2015

Fear Factory streams new album! Genexus release day!!!!! Quick First Listen Review

FEAR FACTORY's GENEXUS is unleashed upon humanity today!

The long awaited return of Fear Factory happens today! That's right, the much talked about and reported about Genexus was released today. Nuclear Blast is currently streaming the entire album, listen above. This is a must listen. FF sound as great as they've sounded in years. This album successfully reaches all the expectations I had for this album after hearing the first few singles the band released. This trumps many of the "comeback" albums that have been released in 2015. The band sounds refreshed, invigorated and ready to write the next chapter of the bands storied career. The transitions between their earlier sound and the latter half of the career comes full circle on this album. Genexus is as stripped down and groovey as Digimortal and as punch heavy as Archetype. The evolution of their sound is helped greatly by the veteran work of Tony Campos on Bass and a return to real drums by Mike Heller. Between the power of Burton's vocals (both the irate and clean) and the electricity of Dino's riffs, Fear Factory has regenerated into a mechanized Jaeger forged with evil intent. This is exactly what I wanted to hear from Fear Factory. They even were able to pull off a really mellow and beautiful tune called "Battle of Utopia" that ties together Ray Kurzweil's theories on "Singularity" which is a theme that flows throughout the entire album.

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  1. I know this band's been around forever, but somehow I never really listened to them until your last few posts. Definitely picking up this album. Thanks so much for turning me onto it