Friday, August 7, 2015

Saint Asonia cd review

Saint Asonia debut is a great rocker! 

This debut is the best rock album I've heard in quite awhile. Saint Asonia are comprised of some very familiar faces from the rock scene. Let's start off with their vocalist, former lead singer of Three Days Grace, Adam Gontier who's recognizable sand papery voice seems to hit all the right notes with this straight to the point hard rock. The lyrics are on par with some of his best written during his tenure with Three Days Grace. Relate able themes about heartbreak, addiction and redemption are the foundation of this record. Lead guitarist Mike Mushok, famed Staind guitarist and former Newsted axeman, is a comfortable fit for this style of music. His signature riffing is really strong and continues to be some of the best of the rock genre. Corey Lowery on bass, formerly of Stuck Mojo and Stereomud, is another essential puzzle piece that fits securely into the super group. Drummer Rich Beddoe, formerly of Finger Eleven, rounds out this band of who's who from the late 90's - 2000's rock scene vets. 

This is an album for anyone who may have dug one or more of these guys former bands. After all, they all come from the same hard rock crock pot. The ingredients are tasty with a touch of spice all in the right places. Saint Asonia are not a metal band, you are not going to get blast beats by the minute. What you are going to get is a straight up hard rock band with an angsty exterior. I think it's important that bands like Saint Asonia exist. This is not a retread, but an extension of all the members abilities to push their style of hard rock further into modern times. Some of my favorite moments occur during slower, ballady and sentimental tunes. Three Days Grace was a band that grew on me over a few years. A lot of fans are already trying to make comparisons between Saint Asonia and Three Days Grace mainly based on the band's lead singer. I look at the most important comparison between those bands. Both bands ability to tell simple rock stories in a gritty way that's not saccharine or cheesy. Sometimes you need music that you can simply sit back, relate to it's message and play on a steady rotation. Saint Asonia impressed me from the start with its great production, well written songs and its awareness as a band. Forget comparing this band to any of the members' former/current outfits. This is Saint Asonia.

Find more about the band at their Saint Asonia official website.

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