Friday, June 19, 2015

New Slayer "visualizer" video for Repentless track.

Slayer Visualizer Video for Title track, Repentless

This is the video for the title track "Repentless". Slayer's 11th album "Repentless" will be available on September 11th(kinda morbid, kinda gimmicky). This video is parts lyrical and parts concert footage of current line up. Nothing spectacular. As far as the song goes, it's actually much better than the other tracks I've already heard off the album. This is more of what I was expecting from the band. While I don't agree with the change on drums, I'm a huge Dave Lombardo fan, the playing is acceptable. I mean the beat on this is straight forward and so is basically the entire structure of the song. Slayer will always be at it's best when its in your face and not trying to be a thinking man's type of metal. Yes, Slayer have basically sounded the same for many years now and there are have been very few advances in their sound. What can fans expect from "Repentless"?...more of the same. Can they succeed in giving us the goods? That's the biggest challenge Slayer faces. There has been more negative press than positive going into this. With the death of their primary songwriter Jeff Hanneman, the dissolving relationship with original drummer Dave Lombardo and just about anything Kerry King says in the press these days, it's been difficult to defend the band as a fan. The good faith their major successes as a band have afforded them are starting to wear thin. With the state of music in general and the cost of running a major band such as Slayer, King and Araya would be best suited to let their music and not their opinions sell "Repentless".

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