Friday, June 19, 2015

New PRO-PAIN track "Age of Disgust " Streaming

PRO-PAIN always deliver. This is off their latest release "Voice of Rebellion". These guys have never been about presentation or shiny outfits. These guys will kick in your door, raid your fridge, drink all your beer and make you like it. Pummeling and brutal, trademark vocals that sound like the lead singer gargles with shards of glass and heavy grit sandpaper. The band's sound is immediate and in your face heavy metal. I've been listening to the band every since a good friend included their classic, "Beast is Back", on a compilation for me years ago. There is something spectacular about the punchiness of Pro-Pain that always makes me feel like I did back when I was first seeing really heavy and gritty bands in small clubs. The type of shows where you may throwdown with a few guys before the night is over and then shake hands with those same folks as you are ringing out your sweat stained concert tee on the sidewalk after the show.

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