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Oslo, Norway:  Known for hosting peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians, and known as the birthplace of some great heavy metal bands as well.  One of the strangest (and coolest) of those bands is Black Debbath.  Their songwriting unfailingly blends hundreds of different influences seamlessly into heavy metal masterpieces.  Black Debbath reminds me of Abramis Brama not in their sound or songwriting, but in the breadth of influences evident in their songwriting.  And they are studio recording virtuosos, producing flawless track after flawless track.  Black Debbath tunes are quite often not sung in English, but it is said that they frequently have humorous or political messages.  I think that Tenacious D would just sound like a kick-ass rock band to me if I did not understand English.  I don't know if Black Debbath reaches that level of humor in their tunes but I don't really care either since they have written so many awesome kick-ass tunes.  Check these two out:
(The videos are entertaining but try closing your eyes for a bit and just listen to how proficient these musicians are and how legit heavy their music is)

The first tune is from their 2015 release "Universell Ryffsysnsing."

Black Debbath is:
  • Egil Hegerberg (bass, guitar, synth, keyboard, vocals)
  • Lars Lønning (vocals, guitar)
  • Aslag Guttormsgaard (guitar, bass, vocals)
  • Ole Petter Andreassen (drums, vocals)

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