Friday, May 29, 2015

Danzig posts photo in Crimson Ghost Makeup

Could a Misfits Reunion be an actual possibility?

The internet community was abuzz about Glenn Danzig's latest photo posted on Facebook last night. The makeup in the photo above clearly resembles the Misfits iconic Crimson Ghost logo.
"1st time in Skull Face since Misfits '79-'80" -danzig

Danzig went on to explain the makeup is for a photoshoot for his upcoming covers album tentatively titled "Skeletons". He's also slated to release a stripped down Elvis covers album which Steve Zing spoke about with Eric Blair on his Blairing Out interview show. 

"Basically it's just Glenn and a piano" - Zing

I also found it interesting that Doyle recently posted a birthday greeting on Instagram about his brother Jerry Only, the only original member of the Misfits still in the band. Over the years there has been a lot of back and forth between the Danzig and Only/Misfits camps. Doyle has been adamant about trying to get the original lineup back together in interviews so all of this could just be speculation or wishful thinking. As always, being a Danzig and Misfits fan, we have to take a wait and see attitude from year to year. So far everything has been completely separate. Who knows? Wait and See.

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