Saturday, June 6, 2015

GOATSNAKE: Black Age Blues

Goatsnake is a real unique blend of heavy, doomy metal and bluesy Southern rock.  Add in Pete Stahl's unusual style of matching a vocal melody to the tune, and you have a band that truly sounds like no one except themselves.  It has been over ten years since this band has released anything, and fifteen years since their last full-length album.  "Black Age Blues" is everything I hoped it would be.  It is an instant classic.  The sound is as heavy and aggressive as ever and the songwriting is great.  I love every track on this album. 

Here is the album's final track, "A Killing Blues."  Volume is your friend here.  Stick with this one; its heaviness is ever-evolving and so satisfying!

Here's a live version of "Slippin' the Stealth" from 1999's "Goatsnake Vol.1", as well as the rest of their set from "Southwest Terror Fest III" in 2014, presumably right before or right after they were writing new material for this album.  Check out how animated Pete is, and how heavy Greg's sound is.  

Goatsnake is (l-r):

Greg Rogers: Drums
Scott Renner: Bass
Greg Anderson: Guitar
Pete Stahl: Vocals

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