Monday, May 4, 2015

Misdemeanors - Dehumanized EP - Review

Dehumanized EP 

Misdemeanors out of NYC are back with a brand new EP, Dehumanized. They really killed it with their last release Danger to Society. They practice a spirited brand of hardcore that lends an ear to the early to mid eighties scene. The first track "They Live" shows up to kick a ton of ass (they must be all out of bubble gum). The raw and unadulterated joy of the drum beat riding beneath bending guitar riffs and shouting vocals is definitely one to be heard. "Raygun" is fast, furious and ready to shred your face off. The Keith Morris'esque vocal delivery fits perfectly with the aggressive punk bombastity of the band. "FNA" is a dirty sounding tune that kicks off at a raucous pace and perfectly incorporates call/response shouting. The title track "Dehumanized" does what even Keith Morris's Off project doesn't do enough of, keep the vocals in the mix and not push it so forward that you lose track of the band's performance behind it. The track is fully flushed out and is equal parts gritty and explosive. The breakdown and pace change a third ways in gives this track exactly what it needed, a space to breathe. These guys have grown since their last release and it left me wanting about ten more tracks just like this. But I guess that's what EP's are for anyway right? Pick this up now.

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