Friday, May 8, 2015

Gaskill on Cassette now available

This is the music of my college years. This is the band that made me lose my shit as I moshed along with a close knit group of metalheads in the confines of a small rock club in New Bedford, Mass called the New Wave Cafe. This is raw and uncompromising music that sets your soul on fire and forces your body to move.

This was as important to me as bands like Bad Brains and Black Flag were to many of my peers. This was the underground in my own backyard. Living an easy driving distance between the cities of Providence and New Bedford, you get to see a lot of great underground bands in clubs, bars, living rooms and sometimes even renovated slaughterhouses. Experiencing a Gaskill show set the bar.

Now everyone can listen to and own this classic, recently remastered and uploaded to the band's Bandcamp page, You can choose from the digital or actual cassette version (limited edition).
Stream it below...but don't be a cheapskate, order this and thank me later.

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