Monday, May 4, 2015

Listen of the Week. Volume 2

Hey last week wasn't so bad, I was able to post a weeks worth of heavy music. This week reflects my recent bad mood. No explanation needed. You reap what you sew is my motto and some people sure are dumb. So this goes out to my "brothers of the squared circle".

When all is said and done...mondays

Tuesday for Satan... 

Wednesday is for the thrashers...This cd is so damn good. Exodus with Kirk

By Thursday you're pretty tired of all the bullshit and looking forward to the weekend. But before you get there it's time to hand out a little bit of payback before payday.

When Friday roles around and you're asked to stay late or come in for a few hours on aint got time for that.....Can't stop, Won't Stop...

It's Saturday....and you're "Hungry"

Sunday and thinking about Monday...."Gun in the Mouth Blues"

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