Saturday, May 2, 2015



Two bands from Framingham, from the nineties and a bit more: Controlled Aggression and 
Gangsta Bitch Barbie.  Both of these bands had mastered the art of the entertaining live show.  I had the pleasure of seeing both of these bands multiple times, once together 
(at Bill's Bar on Lansdowne St)  

Here is "Lowa Case "G"" by Controlled Agression:

Contolled Aggression:

Joe D'Arco - Drums
Bob Bruni - Guitar
Dan Bongiorno - guitar
Brendan Cheever - Bass/Vocals

Kenny Smith, the singer and frontman for Gangsta Bitch Barbie, had the charisma of a David Lee Roth and the energy of the Energizer Bunny on speed.  GBB went on to change their name to Nullset after Mattel threatened  them with a lawsuit.  The 2001 self-titled album by Nullset is great, with El Naturale being one of my favorites, and the untitled track being probably the coolest untitled track there has ever been included in an album.  

Here is "Fluff O Nutta" by Gangsta Bitch Barbie:

Gangsta Bitch Barbie:

Ken - Vocals
Chris - Guitars
Danny - Drums
Todd - Guitars
Jim - Bass

I might have to post the untitled Nullset track next week; it's special.  Till then - ULTRA

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