Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Ghost Album on it's way...New Papa, New Masks...more Ghostier?

Ghost know how to viral market. The Swedish band recently dropped a commercial for their next album in between movies on VH1 Classic in the wee hours of the morning. Luckily that's when most of their fans are just getting up to work the early shift at Walmart. The commercial reveals the album "Meliora" new cover, the band members new masks(which remind me of the masks from the cult movie, Demons) and a glimpse of Papa Emeritus II's younger brother (by three months?) Papa Emeritus III. Don't worry folks, it's the same singer as the last two albums. Check out the clip below someone snagged and put up online. I'm also posting a few stills of the more important moments of the commercial if you're not interested in watching the video.

creepy old lady showing album art
creepy old lady manning the merch table 
creepy old lady showing new masks 
Papa Emeritus III
new album title "MELIORA"

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